Sonico Santa Swimsuit (Alter)
December 17, 2014

This 2014, we saw a LOT of Sonico figures being announced and released. It goes without saying if you have been collecting figures for a long time that a LOT of them were also delayed, including this Super Sonico figure … Continue reading

Final Figure Sale -Take 2-
November 25, 2014

I managed to sell a lot of stuff and now it’s time for round two of my figure selling spree! Again reason for selling is more or less me wanting to: 1.) Make more space in my shelves, room and … Continue reading

Final Figure Sale
November 2, 2014

Last time I posted a selling list was around 3 years ago, thankfully that was a success and all the items were sold. Here’s to hoping you guys like the stuff I have to offer. So as I promised in … Continue reading

Maeda Keiji Review
April 5, 2014

Been excited to see this figure to come out the moment I saw the prototype. Maeda Keiji has been one of my most favorite character designs from Hyakka Ryouran followed by Cottage-san. It’s not really the exposed chest that got … Continue reading

1/8 Momohime
September 11, 2013

One of my favorite figures from Alter, Momohime is a character from Muramasa: The Demon Blade. Muramasa was developed by Vanillaware and has been responsible for games like Odin Sphere and their latest game, Dragon Crown. Been meaning to review … Continue reading

1/8 Milla Maxwell
August 20, 2013

After more than a year’s worth of waiting, Tales of Xillia has finally been sold to the market. Been dying to play this game the moment I saw it come out and the stunning opening it also had. I was … Continue reading

UP-AME figure display
November 18, 2011

As mentioned in the last post, I’ll be sharing with you guys the figures that were up in the figure showcase found in UP-AME. The figure showcase was made possible by Team Onii-chan  . These guys have been active for several … Continue reading

My Preorder List until June
April 28, 2011

Or we can say ‘preorders until July’, because preordered goods do have delays involved ^^;; Internet shopping is probably one of the most dangerous sport in the netscape. You can almost surf through thousands of websites, and you might just … Continue reading