Honoka Kousaka (Good Smile Company)
January 7, 2015

What better way to start the year than with a figure review of one last year’s most cheerful characters whose figure was also highly anticipated as well. I totally didn’t expect to review Honoka Kousaka, or enjoy watching Love Live … Continue reading

Final Figure Sale -Take 2-
November 25, 2014

I managed to sell a lot of stuff and now it’s time for round two of my figure selling spree! Again reason for selling is more or less me wanting to: 1.) Make more space in my shelves, room and … Continue reading

Final Figure Sale
November 2, 2014

Last time I posted a selling list was around 3 years ago, thankfully that was a success and all the items were sold. Here’s to hoping you guys like the stuff I have to offer. So as I promised in … Continue reading

BLK Artbook Review
July 9, 2012

It’s hardbound, heavy, and 240 pages worth of huke artworks. The BLK artbook is probably one of the most sought after artbooks this year. Not bad, for a P2,800 pricetag, which includes the shipping and handling(that’s almost Y5600). The BLK … Continue reading

Homura Akemi Nendoroid Review
February 28, 2012

What better way to start off March than a review of our favorite tragic magical girl, Homura! This Homu Nendo was a Christmas gift to me by Seika. She’s been prodding me to update the blog lately, and I guess … Continue reading

UP-AME figure display
November 18, 2011

As mentioned in the last post, I’ll be sharing with you guys the figures that were up in the figure showcase found in UP-AME. The figure showcase was made possible by Team Onii-chan  . These guys have been active for several … Continue reading

UP-Ame Saturday
November 14, 2011

Since I’m not able to go to AFA11 in Singapore this year, I opted to enjoy my supposed AFA Saturday as much as I can. UP-AME is a yearly festival which usually occurs around November. I used the word festival … Continue reading

Servant Saber Figure Reviews
November 8, 2011

Yes that’s plural. Decided to review two figures at the same time because I saw these figures and I was reminded of a maid and butler café. To those who are unfamiliar with the series, no they’re not twins. Those … Continue reading

Saber Lily –Disassembled
November 4, 2011

I’m pretty sure some of you are curious enough to inspect your figures and notice that some portions look like they are removable. I’m sure you’ve seen this boot leg of Saber Lily ~Everdistant Utopia~ lying on my work table … Continue reading

Wishlist before the world ends.
July 20, 2011

I’m just riding on the 2012 end of the world rumor here, so don’t take it seriously XD. The title reads ‘wishlist’ instead of ‘preorders’ because I’ve been trying OH SO PAINFULLY HARD to control my urge to buy figures. … Continue reading

Nendoroid Totori Review
July 7, 2011

And just right after I said I’ll be concentrating on gunpla, one of my preordered goods arrived last Saturday ^^;; Totori came from the “Atelier Totori” game which came from Gust, who were the same people who made the Ar … Continue reading