Sonico After Party Review
February 18, 2018

To be quite frank this review was supposed to be done since last year, but due to a lot of things happening this year, the review had to be put on hold so forgive me for putting in portrait style … Continue reading

Final Figure Sale -Take 2-
November 25, 2014

I managed to sell a lot of stuff and now it’s time for round two of my figure selling spree! Again reason for selling is more or less me wanting to: 1.) Make more space in my shelves, room and … Continue reading

Final Figure Sale
November 2, 2014

Last time I posted a selling list was around 3 years ago, thankfully that was a success and all the items were sold. Here’s to hoping you guys like the stuff I have to offer. So as I promised in … Continue reading

Asama Tomo (Max Factory)
July 29, 2014

Goodness gracious, I just opened this wonderful figure this week (despite it being released last year) and I cannot believe that I didn’t open this any sooner. Got her the moment preorders were announced. I’m a fan of the series … Continue reading

Figures for Sale – Lots of Type Moon Stuff too
April 8, 2011

Before anything else, I’d want to clarify beforehand that I am not selling figures because I am quitting figure collecting. =D This is just an example of what we are selling (for P4,200, and still negotiable), more information below.