June Drops
June 28, 2012

Got em goodies for free (well most of em) Haven’t bought any figure, gunpla or artbook for the past year so it’s very fortunate that I was able to acquire some of these goodies for either a cheap price or … Continue reading

Homura Akemi Nendoroid Review
February 28, 2012

What better way to start off March than a review of our favorite tragic magical girl, Homura! This Homu Nendo was a Christmas gift to me by Seika. She’s been prodding me to update the blog lately, and I guess … Continue reading

Ozinefest Figure Special
January 4, 2012

Get ready for an eyeful of figure pictures (I really mean that this is a LONG article). 100+ images worth of figure pictures are occupying my flickr account so expect not to be able to access the other pics when … Continue reading

UP-AME figure display
November 18, 2011

As mentioned in the last post, I’ll be sharing with you guys the figures that were up in the figure showcase found in UP-AME. The figure showcase was made possible by Team Onii-chan  . These guys have been active for several … Continue reading

Wishlist before the world ends.
July 20, 2011

I’m just riding on the 2012 end of the world rumor here, so don’t take it seriously XD. The title reads ‘wishlist’ instead of ‘preorders’ because I’ve been trying OH SO PAINFULLY HARD to control my urge to buy figures. … Continue reading

Nendoroid Totori Review
July 7, 2011

And just right after I said I’ll be concentrating on gunpla, one of my preordered goods arrived last Saturday ^^;; Totori came from the “Atelier Totori” game which came from Gust, who were the same people who made the Ar … Continue reading

My Preorder List until June
April 28, 2011

Or we can say ‘preorders until July’, because preordered goods do have delays involved ^^;; Internet shopping is probably one of the most dangerous sport in the netscape. You can almost surf through thousands of websites, and you might just … Continue reading