Uniqlo Philippines First Day

It’s been like three months since I last posted ANYTHING at all in the blog. I do have to apologize to that. I’ll make a post about that soon.

I’ve only heard about UNIQLO from their ads whenever I take a look at the Cannes Lions list, and the brand automatically won me over the moment I saw it. I personally love the brand and it’s products and am I glad that it finally came here to the Philippines.

Said link to ad can be found here by the way: UNIQLO website

I’m so glad that Uniqlo is finally here. The line was pretty longfrom that day was pretty intense. Good thing we went there before the mall opened. The staff there were giving away pamphlets and the first 500 customers get a free tote bag, while the first 2000 customers get a free mochi ice cream from Mochiko. I believe you can also get a free tote bag for every P2000 purchase as well.

The best part about the opening day was that there was an opening sale on the shirts and the pants.

Some of the selection found in the brochure. People who went on the fourth or fifth day told me that their were some products that got sold out like the Metal Gear Solid shirts.

Some of my lady friends went there to buy armor as well.  I totally appreciate that Uniqlo isn’t just a cotton shirt with nice print on it. They take the time in making the clothing more comfortable and durable as well.

I’m a big Snoopy fan since I was a lad =P

Yeeep, I bought a shirt with floral patterns in them.

I like the design,but I’m not fond of the Skullcandy brand hahaha.

Love the logo ^^

So which MGS series didyou guys like the most?

I don’t really spend that much on clothes. I’m thetype who would rather buy figures,artbooks, books, games, food, or gadgets. Do you guys have Uniqlo in your country as well?

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  1. 赤信号
    赤信号 says:

    I remember when Uniqlo first opened in Singapore..the goddamn queue was insane. Now that we have more than 1 outlet..things have quietened down abit. And I see a pretty large loot of clothes there! =3

    Good thing about Uniqlo is their standardized pricing..you go to any store, it’s gonna cost the same as it does back home..give or take a few dollars. =3

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Totally love their clothes and the interior design. It really looks ‘honest’, warm and comfortable to me. After a week there are still ines to get in it, though not as long as on the first three days ^^

  2. Nopy
    Nopy says:

    You’re so lucky, you actually have a Uniqlo in your country. I’m still waiting for Uniqlo to come to Canada, and even then it’ll probably take ages for them to come to my city. I love their clothes and wanted to buy more when I was in Japan, but I didn’t have enough room in my luggage.


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