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Raspberry pi 4 Argon One M2 emulator

Emulation has been something that I’ve been fascinated by for a long time ever since the ideas of ROMs (and piracy) have come about. It just so happens that I’ve been also curious about Raspberry Pi stuff and studied a lot about it, but I never got about to actually trying it out so here […]

Kirima Syaro – Aoshima

Going to take a quick break from shooting photos of fanservice figures to something more wholesome at the moment. A friend of mine, who also happens to own this figure, has been telling me to watch the show for the longest time, but I’ve been keeping off in favor of newer releases and other stuff. […]

Comiket Line

It’s Golden week and that mean’s that it’s almost Comiket 98. Unfortunately C98 has been cancelled in light of the Corona Virus cases happening all over the world. Safety after all is paramount in any event and is just as important as the contents of it. Kind of a pity really since we were planning […]

White Elf Kalmia Project

Currently cleaning through a bunch of backlog so expect an entry once a week which is quite a miracle. Guess there’s something to be gotten from the quarantine happening due to the Corona Virus lockdown. Enjoyed taking pics of the figure, so i hope you like the shots too. Will probably change the presentation later […]

Tamiya Brickyard

Usually, I pass by the local hobby stores just to window shop whenever me and some friends hang out in the mall area and then this popped out. Well, this entry is quite on the late side but since quarantine and lockdown from the Corona Virus is quite a thing now, I thought i may […]

Asmodeus – Ice Cream Amakuni –

Honestly, doing this figure shoot is making me want to get a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Love how Amakuni just went and made a figure with one of the best desserts paired with it so I decided to just give it a go see.

Miyagi Zao Fox Village

Haven’t had much posts last year and January bogged me with a lot of things since my line of work usually peaks during the start of the year due to annual reports on top of the usual work load. This visit was during January 2018. Yep that’s right, I have a backlog of photos worth […]

Figure Sale 2019 Part 2.1

Took a while before we were able to sell a good amount of figures and now we’re really clearing up everything (to make room for more :^) lol jk) UPDATE: List has been updated for 1/20/20 Another wall of figures was made and we’ve added some new figures that weren’t included last time Not to […]

Rev Major 2019

The biggest fighting game tournament in the Philippines and it’s my first time to attend REV Major after being invited so many times by fellow enthusiasts who are also into fighting games. It’s the first local tournament in probably four years that I have actually participated, so I’m quite excited to attend this one. Side […]

Fab Cafe Shibuya

I have been meaning to go to the Fab Cafe for quite some time when I first about it in 2013 and sadly I missed my opportunity to visit the place on my first trip to Tokyo. Thankfully, my second trip to Tokyo allowed me to visit the area and boy oh boy, I wish […]

Anime FG Tourney Numbers for Metro Manila

Despite having left the competitive scene for quite a long time, I still do keep track of certain things. Given my job, I’ve developed this habit of keeping track of things =))) Since I dont have as much time to practice nor join tournaments a lot, this was the next best thing and the yearly […]

Mikado Arcade Visit

Mikado arcade in Takadanobaba might be known to a lot as an arcade full retro and old school games (which they’re right btw) but to us fighting game players, it’s both a mecca for both old fighting games such as Dark Stalkers and Street Fighter 2, and the arcade with the highest concentration of high […]