Rev Major 2019

The biggest fighting game tournament in the Philippines and it’s my first time to attend REV Major after being invited so many times by fellow enthusiasts who are also into fighting games.

It’s the first local tournament in probably four years that I have actually participated, so I’m quite excited to attend this one. Side note, I didn’t attend day 2 (which was just as hype) so what you see here is just day 1.

Rev Major has been out for three years and has been spearheaded by Playbook. It’s usually a Tekken centered tournament with other games on the side, but this year things got bigger.

Aside from being part of the Tekken World Tour Tournament, the event also was approved as part of the Dragon Ball circuit. To add to the scale of the entire event, the venue moved to the Solaire casino hotel area which boasts a huge seating capacity.

Just to give you guys an idea of how many people were there to both play and just watch matches. it wasn’t super full to the brim which was good, and the amount of people who both spectated and joined the tournament reached maybe between 1,000 to 1,200 attendees.

Personally I joined two game tournaments: Guilty Gear Xrd Rev and Blazblue Crosstag. Didn’t win and I wasn’t expecting to (high placers in EVO were there too ^^), but the point in joining wasn’t just to see how you’d match up against people but to also meet people who share the same interest as you.

These events allow me to see old faces whom I don’t see as often as before because of schedule restriction or just plain geographical distances. Events of this magnitude assures guaranteed attendance from people who care about the genre so meeting old pals is guaranteed to happen!

One of the games i like playing with friends! Soul Calibur 6 is a fun game and quite easy to get into. I remember playing 1 and 2 back in high school and just goofing around and spamming moves.

Personally, I was a bit salty with my performance in the tournament. Got 2-2 (17th out of 43 players) in BBTAG, and 4-2 (9th out of 34 players) in Guilty Gear. Been playing a lot but all the training from seamless online sessions just went out to window due to autopilot =\ Overall though it was a blast and I prolly might join another tournament again in the near future (as long as schedule permits =\ )

I’m not sure about last year (nor any other local tournaments since I haven’t been joining) but it was pleasant to see that the other games had a mini arena complete with actual production and streaming.

Commentator section, anyone care to try one of these days?

Sidegame section featuring a bunch of games like Blazblue Centralfiction and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

The literal keyboard warrior! No seriously, I played against a Potemkin player in Guilty Gear using a keyboard connected to a Brooks adaptor. Anyone here play on keyboard?

Filipino made fighting game, Bayani, also had a booth and a tournament as well. Haven’t tried it myself, but it really seemed well made and more importantly it looks fun.

Classic fighting games, like Capcom vs SNK and Third Strike from a decade ago also had a section. These games may be old but they’re still gold though!

Asus section, heard they had a PUBG thing there but not my thing D8

The lord Daigo’s bible! Seriously they were selling these during Rev Major and if you went during Sunday, you couldve asked the legend Daigo Umehara to sign it, and maybe your stick, your shirt and whatever, for you!

Since the venue was in a Casino Hotel Resorts area of sorts, expect the price for food and drinks to be more than the registration fee for the tournament. Food in the venue wasn’t exactly budget friendly and I think Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (pictured above) was the cheapest meal i can get outside the event grounds. Good thing I ate a heavy breakfast and I had a dinner meeting with friends so lunch wasn’t a big issue.

Ooof. Like most things in life, stuff wont always be the way you want it to be. Even tournaments would suffer from bad wifi connection, lack of staff etc, but I think it’s just as important to make the most of the situation as a participant.

The main objective of why I came to REV Major was to record matches of local players with foreign contestants. Aside from “learning the matchup”, I think having a video serves as a physical testament that the thing did happen and it’s something to look back to. Call it sentimental but I think there’s value in those things 🙂


[kad_youtube url=”” width=854 height=480 ]


Video above was basically Shun, the REV Major champion for Guilty Gear Xrd, versus majority of the Philippine community. Apologies if there was no layout skin involved, didnt have time to prepare a new one since i left it in a usb D8

Initially I planned to jump around from one game to another recording an hour and a half per game, but things got real busy ^^

Last tournament I went to was probably EVO Japan 2018, feel free to check how it looked like here.

Side note, I still have no idea what Rev in Rev Major stand for :^)


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