Anime FG Tourney Numbers for Metro Manila

Despite having left the competitive scene for quite a long time, I still do keep track of certain things. Given my job, I’ve developed this habit of keeping track of things =))) Since I dont have as much time to practice nor join tournaments a lot, this was the next best thing and the yearly evo schedule.

First of, let me make it clear that this only covers the idea of post participation only and since I have no data on their FB pages for pre participation, it’ll be hard to gauge the relationship of the organizer’s social media efforts with the actual participation count. Also decided against pre participation since the sample size isnt large in my humble opinion and I don’t think Pareto’s Principle will cover for it @_@

Also things like “fun” nor does this include “concurrent views” since those gauge a different sort of interest and need a different method to measure altogether.

Usually people will gravitate towards certain metrics such as direct participation which isnt a bad thing as it does help give an overview on certain things. For instance, we can see here certain trends

– BBTAG and GGXrd are the most included games. Other games such as UNIST, BBCF and MAAB are preferential depending on what audience the organizers decide to target.
– BBTAG and UNIST are the most aprticipated games
– DBFZ during Blood and Honor is an outlier because it’s the only anime game featured in a multigame tournament. It also had the highest participation count despite not relying on entries from other anime games.

That’s the general gist you can find in this data.

Another important thing to note is context. Now based on the above data we can conclude certain things

– Majority of the tournaments are in the Makati-Mandaluyong Area.
– Entrance Fee, as long as it’s reasonably priced, is not the biggest factor in joining

I forgot to mention some things here (though they wouldnt affect certain things):
– First tourney was made during March, prior to that there were almost no anime tournaments for several weeks (or months i think?).
– Anime Arena 1 was held in Secret Base all the way in the North due an emergency.
– Anime Arena 1 and Okizeme 3.0+1.0 experienced heavy rain were heavily affected by strong rain

Now in a multi participatory event, it’s imperative to measure unique participation as this is the real number of how many people really were present during the event (especially to investors)

– 2/3 usually of total participants were unique, meaning majority of them joined ONE tournament while the latter 1/3 joined more than one which is quite interesting
– Okizeme 3.33 had 3/4 unique participants vs non unique most likely because it was the first time that all four major current anime titles were under the same roof

Just decided to keep going granular from here on. Since i think this is interesting when it comes to multi game tournaments. Do take note that 2 games and above were counted uniquely.

Now single game participation generally puts relevance to certain games in terms of the unique participants they can bring to the table. Say hypothetically Okizeme didn’t have Guilty Gear inn your tournaments, that’s basically minus 7-9 participants for them.
– BBTAG has the highest unique participation followed by UNIST.
– Higher unique participants for GGXrd when the venue is in playbook possibly due to distance, preference or whatever affinity towards the place
– On the other hand, DBFZ has a higher unique participation in both Gamepad and Secret Base probably again due to geography, preference and what have you.

Like i said, these numbers do not measure the future of anime FGC in Metro Manila, nor does it measure fun, nor viewership. It’s literally on site participation. I also made some venn diagrams to portray the spillover of one game to another (which also involves data on what games players are most likely to play atm) but I’ll leave it at that for now.

Posting this because i think it can help TOs plan their future events (been there), and to further the goal of spreading the love for fighting games. I’ll leave a link right here

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