Pinoy Gaming Festival 2014 -Console Gaming Preview-

This weekend (October 25-26 2014) will mark another milestone for one of the groups I came up with called ‘hotseat’. It will be our first time to be part of a convention that is mostly dedicated to gaming.

PGF has been around for quite some time, but this will be the first time that they’ll have a lot of fighting games in the mix and be partners with an anime card game tourney (also known as ACGT).

The hotseat booth will have around 10-12 consoles wherein most of them are dedicated to the fighting game festivities happening on that day. If you guys are into the fighting game scene, do check it out and support your local community, if you enjoy games like WoW Classic you should also consider wow gold for sell as this is a great option to level up in the game.

Oct 25, 2014

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma 1.1
Persona 4 Ultimax
Undernight In Birth Exe Late

Format: 3v3 team, double elimination
Settings: 99sec timer, 2 rounds, nothing banned
Other rules:
– character lock upon registration and no duplicate characters in one team.

Ultra Street Fighter 4
Format: 2v2 team, double elimination
Settings: 99sec timer, 2 rounds, nothing banned
Other rules: none

Oct 26,2014

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Format: 5v5 team, double elimination
Settings: 99sec timer, nothing banned
Other rules:
– round count decreased from 3 to 2

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Format: 1v1, double elimination
Settings: 99 sec, 3 matches, nothing banned
Other Rules: none

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here

We’ll also be giving away some Blazblue goodies which we got from Singapore during the South East Asia Majors. There will be other goodies which will be announced on the day itself, so I suggest dropping by.

Aside from our booth, Pinoy PS will also have a tournament for King of Fighters and Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. But the highlight of the booth in my opinion will be the Guilty Gear Xrd demo that their booth will have. I’ve been playing Guilty Gear ever since its’ first incarnation around 10 years ago, so I’m really excited to try it out myself too.



The TGS trailer has me hyped for several months. Console release will be on December for both Japan and the US.

There will also be another booth that will have a Score Attack challenge for the Love Live: School Idol Festival game on Android and iPhone. I’m not sure what the prizes are, but I’m pretty sure a good amount of people will still come and try it out since Love Live is all the rage now.

There will also be tournaments for anime card games, shooters, DOTA, and even Clash of Clans. The next event after this that we’ll be participating in is another gaming event (E-sports gaming summit) so I’ll make a write up for that as well. Currently I’m on hiatus as the head of hotseat, but I’m letting someone else handle it who is just as capable.

Hope to see you guys in PGF2014. Make sure to drop by our booth too!

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