DeskSpace – October 2014

I think this post will be somewhat more personal than usual since I think I need to really let this out. I’ll still talk about what’s up with my work area on my desk though so it’s not really false advertising ^^;;

It’s come to my attention that I had to clean up my desk so I decided to purchase this simple paintbrush from our local hardware (Php120.00 I believe). Aside from the obvious desk cleaning, I realized I have to clean up and get rid of some of the mess and distractions in my life.

I just recently turned 29 (hurrah), and despite all the stuff I’ve done with my life, I feel that I can still do more with my life. I have two monitors here, but I hardly make use of it to it’s full extent like for photoshopping, coding, and even video editing. I feel that I’m not being efficient with my blessings and I’m missing out on opportunities without even knowing it.

First things first, I believe I need to meet more people. Each encounter will change me, and hopefully I’d be able to actually be more than who I am. I’ll be creating business cards soon for myself since my office doesn’t provide any at the moment. I’ve actually been holding off from designing one since I have no idea before of what to put there, but after some careful thinking I think I now know what to place there.

As for those figures there, those are from the Graphig++ line. Really love them because not only are they adorable and affordable (Php 400.00 ea), but they’re you can also display them out in the open without worrying too much damage from light, or from stuff that will damage a regular figure’s paintjob.

Videogames are one of my biggest time sinks, particularly JRPGs. I’ve been playing JRPGs since I was the 90s during the SNES days. Yes that long. Though videogames have been something of a passion(especially fighting games), I need to taper down on them and focus on things that matter and would enrich my life like learning a new language, skill or even a recipe.

Money is also an issue when one of your hobbies is gaming. You have to buy games for your console (and my 3DS XL, I also have one lol) and then you would probably have to upgrade or buy a new console in case you want to play other games (like my nagging itch to get a WiiU).

It’ll be hard, but nowadays I try to not be a completionist and just play through the game. I’m actually starting to now see the value of games that are not excessively long, but is still enjoyable like “Last of Us” or the newest horror survival game “Evil Within” which is only 15 chapters long. At some point I will need my hobbies to pay for themselves like blogging, or through ‘let’s play’ videos with Youtube ads and the like. If I’m going to be enjoying myself, why not make money out of it at the same time right? But then again if I want to earn money, I’d have to spend money, especially on recording equipment and the like.

This is my auxiliary table, which now functions as an oversized armrest or a place to dump stuff like my 3DS or the arcade stick which I borrowed so as to save money while learning to play fighting games. This table is supposed to be my study table since my main table is somewhat higher than normal… Again this is wasted opportunity and inefficiency to make use of proper equipment…

The other hobby that I have that takes away more time than money is watching TV series, anime and movies. I have like two 2TB and a 500GB hard drive designed to store these shows. Maybe it’s my pack rat mentality, but i need to make room soon for more important files someday.

I normally display prize figures outside the glass shelf since I literally have no space to keep them now. I somewhat realized that I should now streamline (meaning: SELL) some of my figures now. Not only because I want to make room for the other figures, but to also limit my figure purchases. Imagine spending two figures when you could’ve bought hardware equipment which can help you in whatever business you have, or take lessons, or even travel overseas. I’m not imposing what I believe on you readers, but this is just my personal take on figures currently. I still have things that I want to buy, but I’d have to deprioritize them further until I reach a certain daily income that I want.

I haven’t built a gunpla for quite a long time (specifically MGs) since they take a lot of time and it’s costly as well. I love gunpla, but much like my figures, I don’t see myself buying anything any time soon.

Cleaned up my shelf and kept the books in a safer location where dust wont be turning them yellow anytime soon. I love reading, and I loved it since I learned how to read. A lot of books I own are a mix of reference materials, business books, artbooks, novels, and even manga.

Found these mechwarrior clix figures which were all the rage before. Now they’re just gathering dust, good thing I didn’t buy a lot of them.

Remember when I kept insisting that figure stands should be transparent? I take it all back. I managed to salvage these Star Wars collectibles and their stands are now ancient yellow. They really were color bronze though since they’re special collectibles.

I love the Death Star 2, I have no idea why.

Yes, that’s a figure of a dead stormtrooper lol. The thing is, these collectible toys are somewhat nostalgia items to me and I believe there is value in that much like figures. So I guess I’ll only collect figures that I really really really want and would look good in my room. It’s somewhat pointless to buy impulse purchase figures since over time they WILL deteriorate along with your interest for them…

Or they become spare parts lol. Yes that’s a Saber Lily skirt XD

All this cleaning up reminded me of one thing: I have a lot of artbooks and reference materials which a lot of people will kill me for. THe on displayed here are the ones that do not belong to the main shelf…

I also have literature on photography, autobiographies and such… makes me wonder why didn’t I go for something more art-related in my life. I mean I have so many of these things but I don’t exactly make full use of it… guilt sets in on me at this point because I have a tablet which i hardly use!

Decided to place the Star Wars collectibles in front of the novels since I don’t read them as much compared to business books and artbooks which I frequent from time to time.

You guys have no idea what orderly shelves mean to me <3

I believe a person’s desk space tells a lot about himself or herself. Currently I’m not yet compeltely happy with my work area. There are still too many things which I do believe could be kept or can be taken out altogether. For now this will do.

Desk cleaning to me is a way to remind myself that I need to keep changing. Hopefully the next entry of my desk space will have more substantial things and not just a better looking area

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