Sol Badguy

I’m thinking of shifting the content type since I’ve been doing figure reviews nonstop for the past two weeks already, but this figure just happened to pass by.

Sol Badguy is a character in a fighting game called Guilty Gear Xrd. I’ve been playing a lot of fighting games since I was a lad many many moons ago.

The packaging is as straightforward as it gets. All red, with a few crack like ground was about to explode. Kind of a shame really since they could’ve used more metallic textures and chains if they wanted to 😀

This figure was made by Embrace Japan., they made a few figures from before but they’re relatively new to the scene compared to say Max Factory or Alter. So far everything is looking pretty good with this figure that it’s going to be hard to find anything wrong.

Normally companies use decals to make sure that quality is uniform on the eyes, however Sol’s eyes look like they’ve been meticulously painted instead. Hair reminds me of Dragon Ball Z for some reason, but it fits Sol’s wild and unpredictable nature.

I’m sure you guys noticed but the white cross on his waist isn’t so white anymore. I honestly don;t know if it’s intentional, but the wear and tear on his clothes along with dirty whites can already give people an idea that our protagonist always in the middle of a scuffles or always on the road (which he is). The dirty look that Embrace gave him actually makes Sol a good figure to display outside the confines of your display case. As long as the paint doesn’t get chipped off, you’re free to put Sol right on your desk. Dust on him? It’ll actually look like it’s part of the figure ^^

Belts, belts everywhere! One of Guilty Gear’s design elements involve a lot of belts. Even the lady characters aren’t exempt from this, some of them have skimpy clothes that it looks like they’re only wearing belts.Embrace did a good job with the black decal signs here and the dull gold tones found on his belt and the belt rings.

The name of his weapon in Xrd is called Junkyard Dog mkIII which looks like a mix between a big sword and a giant lighter. Love the paint and the decals they placed here. It also has some minor scratches here and there to slightly match Sol’s untidy look.

I really don’t know if jeans in figures even had texture to begin with, but this one really looks good! Base is a simple stone floor which looks ruined (probably because of Sol)

Hard to find anything wrong with this figure to be honest. If there was, you can mostly dismiss it as part of the ‘worn and torn’ look

Just experimenting here ^^

Embrace Japan will be in charge of some of the Guilty Gear figures so I look forward to their next release which is Ky Kiske. I also can’t wait to see how the Millia Rage and Ramlethal colored figure will turn out and with that, I do hope they announce a preorder date soon)

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  1. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    Bishoujo figures always looks smooth and clean, cute and pretty it’s the type of figure I prefer, nevertheless I’m not against male figures.

    This one looks very cool and I love the dusty and worn down effects, looks actually more elaborate than smooth and cean figures. The “dirty” look is a desired effect on this guy, I like it and I can’t really see any big overpainting issues on his outfit, even it shows so much variety.

    I will recreceive an Embrace Japan figure in July, I’m very curious ^^


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