Kilmaria Aideen

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I haven’t played a single game from the Shining series simply because I have little knowledge on Japanese Kanji. Here’s to hoping that SEGA localizes their games for the english speaking users, especially Shining Resonance! Sadly, I don’t think we’ll see that happening anytime soon, so for now I guess we’ll have to make do with the figures that Kotobukiya gives us.

Nothing really that special with the packaging, though the cross window on the side adds some touch to the box. Apparently this one comes with a special gun which I’ll show later.

According to the story, Kilmaria Aideen is a character from Shining Ark who specializes in ruin exploration and wields dual guns for her protection. She’s also known as the “Red-eyed Exorcist” by people who have seen her in action as well. I guess that explains why she looks like a nun.

Kilmaria’s nun outfit fits her when you realize that she sports a hairstyle similar to Shinto priestesses haha. Kotobukiya is really upping their game in quality control as of late. Her hair has a lot of fine lines, her cheeks look soft, and her eyes look like they’re reflecting eyes. I’ve seen Kotobukiya’s quality control fluctuate, and this Kilmaria figure is obviously up there in their QC performance.

That’s a really REALLY TIGHT nun outfit there. I love how the folds stand out on her dress which accentuates the movement of her clothes (and her figure as well :3)

Cross looks somewhat dull, but that’s not really a big issue though. The embroidery here looks nice to look at which goes to show how much Kotobukiya has been paying great attention to detail with this figure.

My sole concern with this figure doesn’t lie with the clothes nor the sculpt, but on the accessories, mainly anything that’s metal. For some reason they look cheap and they feel fake. I’m pretty sure it’s not the mold because the detailing looks nice, so I think it’s the paint.

Gorgeous detail on the gun, only to be ruined by the paint. The nice thing though about this figure is you can pose her even without the guns, but doing so will make her look like a regular nun who happens to wear a really tight dress ^^

Sadly, she only comes with one special edition gun. It would be better if she had one on each hand in this case. Maybe it’s just me, what do you guys think?

Looks like silk to me. Her inner skirt’s embroidery looks really well made and every fold is taken into account.

I did say that I love how her the folds on her dress really look good right? The flow and free movement of her long skirt really contrasts the tight and stretched look she has on top which I guess gives a nice look to the figure.

Even the inner portion of her dress is painted.

Her boots I guess are lacking but everything else above it steals our attention so much that anyone will hardly pay attention to the fact that her boots look too simple. Base looks like she’s exploring ruins that mother nature has started to claim for her own already as seen with trees growing underneath and the moss on the ruined pavement.

You can opt to remove the long dress portion to see her inner skirt and her very shapely legs. Honestly, I wish Kotobukiya had a short skirt version ^^

Of course you can also remove the skirt to reveal her pantsu.

Wow those tight folds

I have a bunch of pics here of Kilmaria and I’ll leave you to look at them. I think I went overkill and took too many photos again ^^;; Been trying to see if there will be big changes when you put minute shifts to the angle she is shot at.

I like Tony Taka’s art style (even if majority of them almost has the same face) so hopefully we get to see more figures from Kotobukiya that are as great as this one.

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  1. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    Oh you are a very dilligent reviewer at the moment ^^
    I mainly suffer from no new figures and they delayed my I – 168 (´_`)

    Thats a cool figure, I love black clothes and black hair ( ^∇^)
    It’s a great design both in posing and outfit, really good looking folds and wrinkles.
    I dunno how, but somehow they gave her some Wild West style, not only because of her guns.

    That miniskirt option is fun and makes her even a bit more attractive.
    Also more effort than usual has been put in the panties.

    • Anton Eduque
      Anton Eduque says:

      They’re not my figures though hahaha. They’re either from an online shop or a friend who wants to remain anonymou. I jsut love taking pics of figures and stuff but I’m not yet into actually making props and creating sets.

      Yes I wish she was just wearing the miniskirt, because her legs are shapely and quite something to look at.


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