Zinogre Capcom Builder

I bet nobody expected this figure to be reviewed at all, but I just had to since I’ve been playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for a while now.

Normally I go for bishoujo figures or gunpla when it comes to reviews, but after playing some Monster Hunter 4 I just had to see if there were large enough figures out there that would be good to display. I actually didn’t want to try the game out first because it seemed too grindy, but the cool looking weapons and the idea of going one on one with really big monsters like Dark Souls caught my attention.

Well the box stands out as it is already since it’s basically a Zinogre among a plethora of mecha and ladies. Box looks like a crate, which I guess works against it if it’s displayed beside saaay World of Warcraft figures.

Why did I choose Zinogre? Well aside from not having a  choice since this is a good friend’s figure (:P) I prefer playing against him in the game than Rathalos, Brachydios or even Gore Magala. He’s somewhat more fun to fight compared to the others in my opinion. The other monsters stand out on their own but this guy really just gives me that feeling that I have to fight against something savage and alien at the same time.

Zinogre is somewhat a cross between a beaver, a lion, and a wolverine. Instead of having fur only, it has both fur and scales for added protection. Love the way they made the yellow bone protrusion look rough instead of having to smoothen it. Not complaints on the stiff fur because Zinogre is supposed to emit electricity (or rather the Fulgor Bugs that reside on him that generate electricity), which explains why his fur is always standing up. You can check out his intro here as well.

Aside from the mold, it’s good to see some slight gradient on those yellow bones and some dirt on the  claws… makes me wonder if they’;re really bones or hard skin that resembles like the ones you find on chicken feet.

Love the fact that they got the portion where he lives on mountains down to pat on this base. This really completes the look that we get from one of the more fearsome beasts of the mountain.

Will leave you guys of more pictures of Zinogre here. I prefer this color scheme of his over the Stygian version.

Actually this is the first time I did something like this. Will try to explore more on how to better review figures such as Zinogre. It’s kinda hard to talk about the finer points of his biology when he is a fictional monster and an original one at that compared to say a dragon.

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