Fujimi Suzu Yukata ver

The last member and the lead singer/bassist of the First Astronomical Velocity also has a figure of her own in a yukata. I didn’t think she’ll look this good to be honest.

Among the three, this is by far my favorite figure. I guess it might be because she stands out more than the other girls because of the size difference. I’m kind of amused by Suzu in the anime series to be honest. She’s energetic and possesses a lot of skills, not to mention she dresses up Sonico in various clothes in the series. That and she has the body of a JAV artist ^^;;

Suzu nursecap logo is attributed to the what she wears sometimes. I think she works in a cosplay cafe if I’m not mistaken,and she dresses up as a nurse. I don’t

Aside form the obvious ‘size difference’ Suzu unlike her other two members is sitting on a bamboo bench. It makes sense that when you get all three, Suzu has to be in the foreground. I’m also not a leg guy, but Freeing did a good job making every anatomical asset she has work for her.

Suzu looks really sexy here. I’m glad freeing decided to accentuate her lips a little bit more. She looks best from this angle. The hair looks lumpy yes, but I don’t mind it as much since it’s black. From afar it wont stand out as much also.

Her face looks odd from this angle, I don’t know why.

Pink works well with her. Actually a lot of colors, except the blue one that Sonico is wearing, will work well with her given her facial expression and her sexy pose there. I love the leg exposure even if this is a chest shot.

Cotton candy looks too lumpy to me. I don’t even know if it’s even cotton candy at this point but given the context of Hanabi and festivals it has to be cotton candy right?

They really went all out with Suzu’s folds. I feel like Freeing was bias towards her for this series hahaha

Good paint job here. It could use some narrow lines to further accentuate bamboo grooves, but this is fine as it is already. You can use the chair for a lot of other things aside from posing Suzu there

I would lie if I said the legs didn’t catch my attention. I totally appreciate how her sandals are just hanging around her feet in this shot. It gives her a more relaxed vibe to go along with the sexy look.

Plastic is to help Suzu sit without accidentally falling off. You can have her sit without it, but there is a chance she’ll fall off.

Here are some pics I took of Suzu with her sleeves on. I obviously enjoyed taking a lot of pictures of her.

Despite her yukata looking extra thick and puffy without the sleeves, she is still great to look at here. I’d still go for the ones with sleeves though.

Up next are her pictures without anything off. Cast-off mode again. I love how they made her body not look anorexic at all. In the anime she kinda has more muscle though, but this will do ^^

Remember what I said about Suzu being best displayed in the foreground? This is what I meant. I think this arrangement along with the other two will save you the most space while allowing you to enjoy viewing them.

Bonus round. Another NSFW slew of pictures, this time it’s all three of them in cast-off mode.

I hope you all enjoyed the three reviews which I’ve posted. In reality, they’ve been edited since February but I really haven’t got the time since then to actually write something about them. If you guys want to look at the Sonico figure or the Fuuri figure, feel free to take a look here:
Super Sonico Yukata ver
Fuuri Watanuki Yukata ver.

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  1. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    I like the Suzu character, she’s fun and wears pretty Indie fashion.
    even though she lacks superboobs XD she has also looked soft and cuddly.

    The sitting bar adds a nice touch

    The figures looks not that much like Suzu, maybe it are her cheeks that make her look so modest next to her (slutty) friends lol, or I had rather seen her with an michievous open smile ;D


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