Super Sonico Yukata ver

It’s springtime. Hanabi is in the air, and I guess it’s only appropriate to have yukata-themed figures for this week. We’ll be focusing on Freeing’s Super Sonico Yukata version this time around.

It’s been a month I think since I last blogged. reason for tha, side from the usual workload, is I’ve been preparing for my trip to April Japan trip since January. Lots of papers to take care of and because I was off for two weeks the workload piled up. Will post pictures about it soon, for now let’s focus on Sonico in her Yukata outfit ^^

Cherry blossom patterns, moving screens, and the very obvious choice of pink, can be found in their hanabi-themed packaging. I might be preempting this, but the packaging of Sonico versus the other girls of her club (First Astronomical Velocity) is clearly different from each other. Yes, I’ll be reviewing Fuuri and Suzu next in case anyone is wondering ^^

Went with a picture of Maruyama park in spring at night since it looks very appropriate to her clothing and to the season too.

Seems like her headphones will never ever go away. I wasn’t impressed with the paint on her hair to be honest. Sure it’s supposed to be light pink, but you can somewhat see that there is a difference between ‘light pink’ and just plain ‘desaturated watered down pink’.

The hair is also too lumpy for my taste. Maybe it’s the effect of the slightly bad paint job?

To be quite frank, I was surprised when they decided to use blue and yellow for Sonico’s yukata. I was hoping that she’d come in white and red since it goes very well with her hair color.

The seamline her indicates that she’s castoffable (more on that later). I didn’t bother putting it back on properly because it’s somewhat hard to pin both ends.

You can see some spilled sake on top of Sonico’s cleavage here, we should have a drunk Sonico figure next time. I remember seeing an illustration of that done by Santa Tsuji before…

Has anyone tried eating a candy apple? These things are really sticky to the teeth.

On the other hand is a sake cup that’s just about to spill.

Legs look fine, nothing to complain about but nothing to be praised at either. I’m not quite happy with the base (again).

You can also remove her sleeves and keep her that way. I honestly find short sleeved yukatas kinda sexy because the overall design puts more emphasis on her chest and you can see some sideboob as well.

After this are pictures that are NSFW (that’s not safe for work to you). Majority of Sonico figures are normally cast-offable and this figure is no exception to the rule. She actually looks better without her clothes to be honest (no duh). I prefer keeping figures with their clothes on, otherwise, what’s the point of paying for plastic wearables.

How do I feel about this figure, to be frank I somewhat felt disappointed with it. It actually feels that prize figures are way better than this one. Reviewing it because it doesn’t feel complete to review Fuuri and Suzu and exclude Sonico. I guess I was somewhat used to her previous versions which were well-made. Take a look at the following links if you guys want to see more Sonico figures:
Super Sonico Tiger Parka ver (Gift)
Sonico Santa Swimsuit (Alter)

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  1. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    Seems like they could have put more effort into it, it’s not so bad, but improve able.

    Her face is acceptable cute, from some angles it’s very good.
    The dress is a little bulky and the color is not so fitting for Sonico.

    Castoff looks really somewhat better, boobs, belly (the belly looks very sweet) and thighs are nicely sculpted.

    I like Fuuri chan the most from this lineup, looking forward to see her here ^^


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