Asama Tomo (Max Factory)

Goodness gracious, I just opened this wonderful figure this week (despite it being released last year) and I cannot believe that I didn’t open this any sooner.

Got her the moment preorders were announced. I’m a fan of the series where she comes from (Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon) and I love a lot fo the characters there. Too bad they didn’t make more figures of the other characters. To my memory, there are 5 figures of this character making her the 2nd popular figure in the series, next to the heroine Horizon.

Loving how the box still brings that futuristic feel which is very much like Kyoukaisen. The box isn’t that large and quite frankly the parts are arranged inside a layered fashion where the base goes under, then the bow, along with hand parts, etc. in order to save as much space as possible. I highly appreciate this style of packaging because heaven knows I need space for boxes these days =__=

Also love the silhouette logo for the figure.

Asama Tomo is a character from Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon which got animated last year. The series lasted for two seasons and has sadly gone silent since then, the light novel however is still on going and the amount of material it has is quite large. You’d prolly have to watch the episode twice and even consult wikis to get a more in-depth info on what they’re talking about

Aside from her somewhat obvious and large charm points, One of the biggest draws to me to the character design were her eyes. Tomo isn’t heterochromatic by birth, but her green eye is actually an artificial eye called Konoha which assists her during long range fights.

To be quite frank, I don’t know what those ‘fins’ on her head accessory are for. Reception for the Konoha perhaps?

I completely love how her hair was sculpted. Reminds me of drapes right after being blown by the wind which gives it more volume.

I just realized that Tomo has this at the end of her hair. I wasn’t paying much attention to the end of her hair but more on the show in itself. Glad to see this accessory here.

Best part about these assets is how the sculptor made them look squishy, like how Tomo’s hands are able to push up her breasts and create a depression on it. Also, good job to Max Factory for nailing those slightly pink fingernails.

Aside from the fingernails, it’s good to see Max Factory really stepping up their detailing game here with all the neat black lines they’ve placed on Tomo’s armor clothing.

Despite the awesomeness of her front, I have to say I’m enjoying the back exposure here because of the well sculpted back muscles and shoulder blades which add a bit of sexiness to this figure. Her body is already gorgeous, but adding that slight skin exposure helps too.

Again, really good job for the sculptor for giving us some muscles on her waist and the neatness of the blackline on white paint certainly brings a whole new level of quality to the table. I’m digging the glossy pink paint and the white/light pink matte paint on everything else.

These fins behind her helps in stabilizing her position whenever she gets into siege mode position. Will show you guys what that is on the next review when I talk about the latest Kotobukiya Asama Tomo.

There is a hole here(no, not that) where the stabilizer are placed in. It’s somewhat loose so I prefer to place the one without the stabilizers.

Normally we don’t get to see details underneath shoes, but for sitting figures (which seem to be the trend nowadays) it’s important to have details for this as well. The only portion where figure manufacturer skips on the details in sitting figs is the butt.

Even if you pose your figure with Tomo lying on her back (at the expense of her eventually bending to her weight), you get to be treated with fine detailing even on the mecha tabi shoes.

You can also opt to pose Tomo without her bow, but that’s kind of unbecoming of her character ^^. The suit must be super skin tight since it’s digging into her belly button area already @_@

Again, props to the craftsmanship of the bow. White lines didn’t look messy at all. This will make any mecha/gunpla builder proud!

Asama Tomo comes with another figure (of sorts, more like a prop) of Aoi Tori wrapped in a futon. Aoi Tori is the protagonist of the show. Honestly I don’t know why they depicted Tomo on top of Aoi, but I’m not complaining 😀

You can substitute Aoi with other figures if you want (like Woody lol)

You can also swap her hands for this pair. Did I ever mention how much I love how her hands look daintily delicate (and yet she’s holding on that bow)

The back part for her siege mode support can also be replaced by a more compact folded version of it. I’m not sure if you guys can see it, but the back part shows the emblem of the manufacturer of her equipment. Gotta hand it over to Max Factory for taking note of this.

Here’s some photos I took of Tomo. Personally, I prefer her showing more of her backside than her front from the way she poses.

Obviously my favorite angle

I also thought of making use of some lighting for this figure, so I gave one direction hard light a shot here. Well, the lighting isn’t really hard, but it was enough to give that look that I wanted.

My favorite shot among everything in this set!

You can get her from preowned sections for 4,000 yen at least, so having this beauty in your desk really wont set you back. To be honest, if she wasn’t one of my favorite characters in the series, I would’ve waited until she arrived in the bargain bin. Kotobukiya also recently released their version of Asama Tomo which I’ll be reviewing also so I hope you stay tuned. In the meantime, you guys can also check Tentaclearmada’s blog entry on this character

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Oh boy tell me about, my poor Momohime has been sitting in her boxe for five years now. I feel kinda bad for her now.

    I finally sat down and watched Horizon in the Middle Nowhere and much to my surprise all these figures that have been made have been a bunch of side characters.

    Nice figure, never noticed the nice sexy back when I watched the show. Good job Max Factory for showing that off! Asama looks so squishy, wanna touch her so bad. So sad she is made of hard PVC, alas. The details seem nice, Horizon characters sure have a lot of stuff going on with them. While a lot of them share similarities with the overall aesthetic each one is really so unique.

    I hope there is more Horizon anime, feels like I just scratched the surface with the two available seasons. Plus, more anime = more merchandise and I really want a Kimi figure now.

  2. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    I have to unbox every figure when she arrives.

    Horizon in the Middle Nowhere was really a great anime show, the start was not really smooth,
    but after several rewatches I understand it *lol* But I loved it actually, cool story, great action,
    interaction between the characters and appealing visuals. Too bad it had not the same merchandise
    potential like Kancolle for example, I really want to see more figures from it.

    This probably is the best figure in terms of craftsmanship, her body looks lovely and the suit
    is very detailed, I love these glossy areas also in contrast to her matte skin and white parts.
    I actually would have prefered a different pose, a tilted back head is difficult on a high shelf.

    Her face is quite adorable with this slightly flustered look ^^
    She looks great in the pictures


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