Super Sonico Tiger Parka ver (Gift)

It seems that my max amount of post during weeks with work is only two per week. Will try to post more often since there are a lot of backlogged photos sitting here.

I did two artbook reviews in a row thinking I’ve placed something in between. It’s not my style to make two in a row, I guess the next one will be a figure report as well. Enough segway, let’s move on!

Gift’s Tiger Parka version is probably one of the best Sonico figures out there and the really surprising part about it is she has very little skin exposure this time around. If you’re familiar with the Super Sonico character, majority of her figures are either cast-offable or very risque to begin with. So having a really wholesome Sonico which isn’t even a prize figure is a real treat to see!

Everything about the packaging screams cute and completely Sonico with all the cute tiger and music pattern. I’m not a fan of the baby pink color, but hey it works though!

I’m sure a lot are familiar with Sonico, she’s a college student who happens to love music and does some modelling here and there. She can fit in most styles thanks to her really nice body and appeal, so we hardly see her in outdoor casual outfits like this.

Sonico cheerful face really lends a lot of energy to this figure. Although some strands of her hair could be a little bit less edgy, the face alone makes you forget about everything else. Gift also didn’t forget to paint the inside of the parka along with her earphones as well!

This cute tiger parka of hers is really cute and is something Sonico would wear on an everyday basis (which she actually does in the anime). The texture of the white wool is just right, but the cat ears look removable. Either way it’s a cute ensemble she has!

If you picture her from this angle she looks kind of anxious and has a worried smile no? ^^

What struck me the most here is not how simple her shirt looks like (the character print is cute though!), it was how nice they made her look like wearing a simple shirt. All those folds from her shirt to her sleeves really bring quality into this figure here!

Though it’s not as visible, but her fingernails have pink nail polish on them!

Tiger prints all over her parka are totally cute and they’re kind of randomized as well to keep your eyes wandering about! Aside from the cat eared hood, it even has a tail and some cute ball of fluff hanging about ^^

Noticed that this is one of the thinnest Sonico figure I’ve seen. A lot of her other figures had sufficient amount of fat, but this one seems to have less of it. Anyway, nothing really stands out about the skirt area except for the pocket holster she has there (those are pockets right?)

Love her boots, it still has that white wool fluff around it. I can’t say the same for the base though =__=

She also has an optional guitar part where you can display it with Sonico carrying her precious instrument. The matte paint finish on the guitar makes it look like a leather carrying case. It’s too matte to be nylon ^^

Took a few shots of Sonico from different angles with her full body. Kinda nice that from different angles she look like she’s doing different things like running or waving goodbye.

I’m still in post production hell, if you guys have any lifehacks to when it comes to hastening post processing of photos just let me know ^^ I’ll be posting another figure review probably next week, the question is which one though since there is a lot of backlog here. Thinking if I should actually lessen the words and just post the pics hahaha

If you guys want to check out another Sonico review, you can opt to check the Santa Swimsuit made by Alter here.

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  1. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    keep the good work, I have only one backlog post left…

    That is a nice adaption of the Sonico character, yet my heart can’t fully approve of her. While many Sonico figures are oversexed, this one is unbelievable undersexed, is it still Sonico ;D I like the idea of seeing her presented happy in casual clothes, but come on a little more cleavage or erotic wrinkles won’t hurt.

    Still, I won’t say that the isn’t appealing, she has a really cute face and from some angles she looks amazing with her expressive, happy smile. Only a bit disappointing that you can’t display her without hood. I would not mind to get her as present, but I would not buy her, the difference between her and her other figures is just too big.

    I like your pics a lot again 😉

    • Anton Eduque
      Anton Eduque says:

      Thanks mate, same to your pics too!

      Well there are a ton of Sonico figures with a LOT of skin already so I guess seeing a figure of her with minimal skin exposure is really refreshing. It helps that the character design is completely cute. Yeah that bit about the hood also bothers me a bit too, but it’s somewhat fitting at the same time imho ^^ Are you getting the maxfac Sonico with the guitar, amp and stuff?

  2. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    Thx 😉

    As cute figure alone, Sonico also works perfectly, though its very unusual to see her like that.

    Ah I would have ordered her if she was really made MF instead of a new GSC sub label. Though the more I look at this figure… I want it! The sculptor ELLIOT is amazingly skilled. Anyway when she turns out amazing, the release date is very soon, I will try to snap her away ;D she’s also 1/6 wow

  3. Fabrice
    Fabrice says:

    Perfect background, thats exactly what I imaged if she were to be in a setting of RL. She just fits it. Cute Sonico as always, not a fan of a breast (too big in my opinion haha) but Gift did a good job, I love the outfit she is wearing god knows what my reaction would be if i saw one in RL but yeah haha. love her smile the pose, colours. Im impressed!

    • Anton Eduque
      Anton Eduque says:

      Thanks, it was this background or a lot of polka dot and balloons ^^. Yeah I’m surprised Gift actually deflated them a bit compared to other figures.


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