Nendonesia Photo Contest

Nendonesia, a website made up by Nendoroid lovers from Indonesia, is proud to celebrate their 1st anniversary with a photo contest!

In case anyone is wondering why there are cellphones there, the photo contest this time around will only use mobile phones as the image capturing device. The contest is also open to everyone (local and international). You can check the rules of the contest below.



The theme for this photocon is Spreading Nendo-love to everyone! What does it mean? Well, we give you the freedom to interpret the meaning. Generally speaking though, the phrase means something like the following:

  • We have to love each other.
  • Love is one of the most important thing in life.
  • I think Nendoroid is lovely; do you think so too?

Well, if you have another interpretation, feel free to express it through your photo. Make sure that your photo could deliver the meaning clearly. ^^


The prize is one Nendonesia Merchandise Set and one to-be-announced Nendoroid for two winners. We will announce which prize goes to the grand winner and which one goes to the runner up soon. ^^


  1. Photo submission for the Contest will start from July 4, 2011 00:01 AM (GMT+7) until July 25, 2011 23:59 PM (GMT+7).
  2. Participants shall submit their entries within the aforementioned date. Early and late submission will result in disqualifications.
  3. Participants may only use mobile phone camera with a recommended minimum of 3 MP resolution to capture the photo. Lower resolution camera is acceptable, but your photo might be put on risk of being scored low due to its quality.
  4. (D)SLR and consumer pocket camera is not allowed.
  5. Photo’s EXIF data should be retained, as it will be used to analyze the photo origin. If your photo does not have EXIF data (or contains suspicious EXIF data), it could be deemed as invalid entry, and therefore it would be disqualified.
  6. Participants shall submit his/her own photos.
  7. Any photo resolution is fine but the file size is limited to 500KB.
  8. Usage of photo-editing apps for adjusting brightness and sharpening are fine, but any other usage, including effects creation are strictly prohibited.
  9. The photos must only contain regular Nendoroid and/or Petits, no other figures/figurines should be seen in the photos. The usage of any objects/properties (tables, beds, etc) and natural environment (river, rocks, roads) are allowed.
  10. Watermark is fine, as long as it is put on the corner of the photo.
  11. Entry is limited to one photo per Participant.
  12. In order to prevent copyright issue, Participants may not submit his/her works that has been submitted into another photo contests prior to this contest.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This Contest is organized and promoted by Nendonesia and rendoroid-shoppe. Nendonesia reserves the right to amend the Rules and Terms & Conditions without any prior notice to all Participants. By participating in this Contest, Participants shall be deemed to have agreed to and accepted these Terms.
  2. The contest is open for international residents.
  3. Shipping charge may apply for winners who live outside Indonesia.
  4. Participants shall submit their details properly during submission of their entry. Nendonesia reserves the right to reject and/or disqualify any incomplete, improper, or late entries without disclosing or providing any reason whatsoever. Participants are allowed to submit only once.
  5. Winners will be notified by given email addresses and verified within 14 working days after the closing date of the Contest. If the winners cannot be contacted from the details supplied, then the prize will be deemed forfeited, and Nendonesia may select another winners from all remaining entries at its discretion. Non-compliance of these Terms and Conditions and any other requirements communicated by Nendonesia to Participants may result in disqualification of the Participants and selection of alternate winners at Nendonesia’s sole discretion.
  6. Nendonesia is granted permission of any usage of Participants’ photo submission.

Entry Submission

  1. Compose an email message with following content: (see Example)
    Subject: Nendonesia PhotoCon 2 – Photo Title by Username
    – Complete name
    – Nickname
    – Address
    – Postal code
    – Contact number (mobile phone or home phone)
    – Phone model
    – Photo title
    – Photo comment
    Example: Email sample
    Note: Valid name, address, and contact number are solely used for prize shipping.
  2. Send it to [email protected] along with your image/photo attached during the submission date and time: 2011/07/04 00:01 – 2011/07/25 23:59.
  3. See Rules for more information regarding valid submission criteria.

That’s it! May the best photo win the contest! ^^


A really fun looking contest, especially since a theme is applied. Its also going to be challenging this time around since its strictly mobile phone cameras.  XD

For more info visit their site at or if you just want to check the rules in their site and ask questions, just click here instead. Do visit their site as it contains loads of info if you’re a nendoroid collector yourself, or you are just interested at em lovely nendoroids.

Happy photo taking!

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  1. bd77
    bd77 says:

    Sounds interesting. *grins while arming his Xperia X1 (yes, a first generation) phone*

    Wait… Pictures are at minimum is 3MP but file size is limited to 500KB…

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      im sure they’ll be working out the kinks within their rules. I think you can resize the photo without putting the resolution at risk though XD


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