Asuna Titania ver (Max Factory)

Managed to have one post this week! Hurray to me! I didn’t bother buying the Asuna figure since Kongou came out (which I ended up cancelling), but at least I got to review it!

Before anything else, the choice in background wasn’t because of 50 shades of grey or anything like that. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get on with the review.

This figure was from Onegai Onii-chan shop for review purposes. Do visit their website from time to time to see what’s new.

They really should start selling more of these plastic containers instead of the usual boxes that we see. A lot of collectors leave their figures inside the boxes so have a pretty plastic box makes it more worthwhile to leave figures within their containers. However, scratches on plastic containers are more easily seen versus that of printed boxes so there’s that too.

Asuna during the ALO arc is perhaps the time where we see her at her most vulnerable. We’ve seen her fight during the other stories and even be a healer at one point, as Oberon’s prisoner she was somewhat rendered to the role of a Damsel in distress to the dismay of Kirito (and to the glee of Oberon and maybe a lot of others too ^^).

Despair and helplessness is plastered all over Asuna’s face. This particular scene is from that last episode with Oberon doing uhhh naughty things to Asuna in front of Kirito, NTR style. This is a personal preference thing, but maybe a slight airbrush for blush would provide a more embarrassed look for our heroine here, but I guess that would lessen the level of fear she has.

What do you call those things on elf ears though? Ear armor? I hear that elf ears are more sensitive so I guess that works ^^

Kinda weird that the rope isn’t hugging her arms as much as it seems. Still good though!

Long strands of disheveled hair is everywhere.

Nothing really stands out in the craftsmanship of her top to be honest, but they don’t look appalling or a cause of concern either. Though I do hope she was cast-offable like in the anime /shot

I wish her wings were made of a more transparent material though… and maybe her top as well ^^

It’s somewhat strange but her breasts seem to be too pointed upwards instead of stretched since her arms are up. Maybe that’s just me though, not complaining, she still looks good nonetheless 😀

You can also tie her up even more with this colored rope made of wire.

Flat stomach and that belly button. The biggest highlight of this figure is the skirt. The amount of folds given to it is quite daunting and very much appreciated!

Her undergarments were either not worn properly or someone uhhh moved them. To be honest I don’t know why Max Factory added this, but hey more details more fun.

I have no idea how she is being held bound by the legs in this pose.

How i wish this was a dirty dungeon floor base instead of something this bland =__=

Some of the pictures in the following might look the same but some of them have different lighting sources. Been experimenting here and there with the lighting. On a side note, finding the background picture for this was tough as nails!

I personally liked the SAO, and the Mother’s Rosario Arc, the rest were kinda meh especially ALO. Did you guys like Sword Art Online?

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  1. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    Haha 50 shades of grey XD

    Asuna, ahh this face is just beautiful… it’s a nice figure…

    In the beginning I didn’t like tough tsundere Asuna, I strangely liked the other girls more, as this show turned out a bit more romantic and they adopted Yui I liked Asuna suddenly. Well, about SAO itself, I like and dislike it as well, some things are great, but sometimes it feels stupid, the villains for example were always the same kinds of creeps.

    For me this was one of the best figures of 2014, pretty faces are always my top priority when buying figures and this is were this figure convinces with her sad expression.The top appears a little simple made, but overall I like this design.

    bluntly said there aren’t many figures that show popular characters in a more darker sense of sexual something, a little disturbing bondage fun, but she’s not the only MF figure in a slightly naughty content.

    nice background, that looks really good. I actually found an WoW Ork that would be in scale for this figure XD but I can’t take such kind of pictures lol.

    • Anton Eduque
      Anton Eduque says:

      I’m more of a Yuuki fan *cries in Mother’s Rosario arc*. Thank god I didn’t see some creep who wanted to molest heroines all the time in her arc hahaha.

      Yeah I do agree pretty faces go a long way (hi there Griffon), but pose to me is just as important. I want them to be dynamic and really good to look at. If they’re just stading there, they better look damn good (like swimsuit good). Of course, not all poses are good, but hey at least they tried.

      Props to MF really for making a figure like this. The Titania versions we keep seeing doesnt look as desperate as this one, and I think that’s what she was for majority of the arc.

  2. Fabrice
    Fabrice says:

    That is one huge ass figure! the shipping must have been a bomb! I laughed with the comment on the background. I figured she was up in the sky stuck on a huge tree. The candlelight does make it 50 shades and in a naughty way haha.

    Other than that the figure itself is good the details are nicely illustrated with her facial expression and her clothes. my only comment is her hair on the front top, looks a bit too “blocky” but maybe im just being too picky.

    • Anton Eduque
      Anton Eduque says:

      Too bad we can’t see much of her ass hahaha.

      I was tempted to make it look like a sky prison, but that didn’t capture that atmosphere of despair she has on her face, so I went with a dungeon (my tastes are showing, oh my). Yeah some people found her hair a wee bit blocky so you aren’t alone in that department.


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