Elf Dragon Crown

I’ve waited for so long for the game to come out when it was first announced, and waiting for the Elf figure was no easy task either.

The Elf, is a character class in Atlus’ side scrolling, dungeon crawler ‘Dragon’s Crown’.I believe this is the first time I’m reviewing a Megahouse product, and my expectations are high given that the elf is my choice character in Dragon Crown next to the Sorceress.

Packaging wise, I believe the use of darker colors was well thought of and it really speaks of Dragon Crown’s atmosphere of dungeon crawling and exploration. Love the intricate embellishment on the side of the frame. Reminds me of vines.

The figure was based on George Kamitani’s (the artist of Dragon Crown and other games like Muramasa and Odin Sphere) illustration of the Elf. Normally we get to see her with her hood up, so I guess I’m a teeny bit disappointed to see Megahouse didn’t bring us that. Despite this, all is still good as you can see here. The quality is high with this one.

I really appreciate how they made the eyes not too glossy because it’s a hassle when taking pictures hahaha. Aside from the wonderfully painted eyes, and beautifully sculpted lips, I am loving the way they made the hair and the gradient found on the tip of her bangs.

The braids are godlike. There are a few unsanded parts here and there but you really wont notice that unless you take a loooong look at it, thus it’s negligible.

I don’t know if Megahouse did this intentionally, but the way they painted the Elf’s clothes resembles that of a leaf in my opinion because of the vertical brush strokes that resemble palm tree. That’s just me though/

Another paintjob that helps recreate the look of the leathery material. Love the belt buckle!

The folds found on her cloak are accompanied with airbrush strokes to completely flesh out the shades was a brilliant stroke. I swear Megahouse is impressing me with their paintjob, makes me wonder how come I haven’t gotten more figures from them.

If ever there was something bad about this figure, it would be the arrow fletches. They look too flat and too solid in my opinion. But because of the figure’s awesomeness, you might not give it a lot of attention.

This figure really is a testament on quality craftsmanship being able to mimic materials like leather, leaves, and in this case, wood. Finger pointing was used back then when bows didn’t have guides, yes bows nowadays have cross hairs hahaha

Her shorts are really tight despite the loose belt she’s wearing.

The leather is too shiny for me, but that’s still fine :D. The stand at the bottom supports the entire figure. Without it, the primary leg connected to the stand will bend eventually.

See that fold? Really nice how Megahouse replicated how something as thick as leather folds up.

Love the studs on the side of the quiver.

This is how the Elf is connected to the base area.

I’m confused as to how to feel with this. I do get that Megahouse wanted to somehow communicate that the Elf is in mid air, but at the same time I want to change that white base into dungeon blocks with vines perhaps.

Although it’s a minor accessory piece to this figure, this squirrel really lends some of that outdoor wild vibe to the Elf. Quite honestly, I think Kamitani-sensei did a good job adding the squirrel to his illustration as it adds more to her appeal.

I’ll be honest, I had a blast taking photos of a figure as dynamic as this one! You can even rotate the pictures, and they’d still look action packed!

Have you guys played the game already? If you have a PS3 or PSVita, i do recommend picking it up. Despite being out for already a year, there are still people who play the game!

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  1. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    Stunning figure, I’m quite impressed by her lovely face now, in the promo pics it hasn’t caught my attention, but now the facial details look overwhelming, she is a cute Elf ^^
    MegaHouse did a great job at recreating the visual style from the game with this figure, the details are so good.and the texture mix brings some nice realism to her outfit and weapon.

    Can’t wait to see the Amazon next ;D

  2. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    I feel kinda bad I never really did play Dragon’s Crown but at least I did part in supporting Vanillaware. I’m not a fan of the girls in the game beside the elf, probably because she is the only one with more relatively normal proportions.

    George Kamitani always makes such pretty art I wish I owned more figures that are based on his work, right now I only own Momohime. I always found that his stylized art makes for good source material for figures and MegaHouse sure is delivering on translated that to figure form.

  3. Fabrice
    Fabrice says:

    Oh wow thats really impressive! can already tell when I saw that squirrel haha! never heard of elf dragon crown but this figure definitely does justice. the attention to detail is just astounding, good work megahouse and nice background youve chosen!

    • Anton Eduque
      Anton Eduque says:

      You should try the game. It’s fun and a good amount of people still play it over the net even after 2 years!


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