Alleyne Review

A bit late this week with the posts, but still all good because I spent more time in ensuring I took quality pics of this wonderful figure.

To be perfectly honest, I originally decided to skip this figure because of the upcoming expenditures to Kotobukiya’s Asama Tomo and my upcoming trip to Singapore. But after seeing this figure, I had a sudden change of heart. Luckily she was still available.

Nothing out of the ordinary with the packaging here, minus the colors are a tad bit more desaturated compared to the figure itself, but it’s not that big of a deal.

Alleyne is one of the characters from the series Queen’s Blade. She’s an elf-captain who helps train her protege Nowa. She’s one of those ‘kuudere’ sempai characters and has had tons of figures of her (in different color variations, including this one) already made and quite frankly I don’t think it will stop anytime soon.

As expected, when I have a great subject, I tend to go overboard with taking pictures. This review features 70+ photos of Alleyne. This figure is too gorgeous to not take a lot of pictures ^^

Completely loving that somewhat flustered look of hers. I’m glad Orchid Seed managed to keep it within character desite the sexy pose and sculpt they gave her.

Normally i don’t like clumpy hair, but since this figure is supposed to depict Alleyne getting wet, the clumpy hairs are very much encouraged here.

One of the weird things about some anime figures is how the expression changes when you take pics of them from a 3/4th view from one side over the other. Like here, if you check out Alleyne from the right she looks a bit mildly surprised…

But when you focus more on her left side she seems to be a bit stern than usual ^^

Compeltely loving the face from all angles. Her hair also looks gorgeous and very well made. The small braids on her are flexible and they help in making sure that leafy bikini stays in it’s place… or at least it tries to ^^

Love the hands that is trying to ‘comb’ her wet hair.

One thing about this figure tha I love versus the Beach Queen series from Wave is that they really try to give it the wet look instead of just giving the figure a bikini to wear. I’m completely digging how the hair is clinging on the legs like how it’s supposed to. Adds more realism to it don’t you think?

Her behind is nice too 🙂

She’s only wearing leafy bikinis for the first time in all her figure renditions I believe. Gotta love how decorated they made the leafy bikini though. It’s cast offable too, but we’ll get to that later.

See the gradient there with the leaves? Orchid Seed’s Alleyne is very basic when it comes to overall design but accents like these really bring more quality to the floor.

Biggest selling point of bikini figures like these is also the musculature sculpt. Just looking at this figure makes you see how well toned and trained Alleyne really is.

Even if the character itself is a tad bit too focused on her warrior training, it’s really good to see her accessorized with these berry bracelets and armlets. It completely brings out her feminine side.

And this is headless Alleyne. Just showing this off to show you guys that her head is removable which makes it easier for her bikini to be removed.

Orchid seed didn’t cut corners at all even if majority of her back was covered by her long blonde hair.

Do you do crunches like her?

Even her backside is well toned. To be honest, I find the back is perhaps the hardest part to train from experience.

Moving on to the hips and legs, nothing much to say here except again it’s sculpted well (like her knees), and the muscles are really toned.

Apprently some people find it hard to put her foot inside the peg. Got it in the first time, but it was harder the second time around, so I guess it’s not a factory defect like some people claimed @_@

At least they went for a transparent base. I really don’t like plastic semi-transparent bases with color D8. Anyway I’ll leave you with more pictures I took of her before we move on to the second part, which is the NSFW cast off portion.

And here are the parts that can be removed. Please be warned, the following pictures aren’t exactly

safe for work.

As said before, you can remove the bikini top by removing the head first. You can opt to bend it though but i really wouldn’t recommend it. The bottom on the other hand can be removed by “unbuttoning” and pulling it out from her left leg. Manual for this is included so don’t worry 😀

Really sexy if i do say so myself.

In case you guys were wondering, you she has no eroi bottom parts in the figure. Some collectors may find that disagreeable, but to me, the point of the figure is not to be ero in the first place. I think the figure is tastefully sexy and gorgeous as it is.

Like all cast off figures, this one suffers from paint transfer too, but it seems like it’s not as apparent because of the hair at the back… besides you can opt to use magic eraser for this XD

To be quite honest, I prefer Alleyne with the leafy bikinis over the cast-off. Brings more personality to the figure in my opinion. Do you guys also have cast-offs and display them without their battle armor?

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  1. Nexas
    Nexas says:

    got this one myself and completely agree with your review. definitely a top contender for figure of the year

  2. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    Good Choice, the figure turned out to be very popular, even Danny Choo got one ;D
    Her size combined with a pretty and detailed body is gorgeous, a true beauty.
    Im happy to have such a nice Elf figure and I´m a big fan of her skintexture ^_^


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