Arc Revolution Cup 2014 x Singapore East Asia Majors 2014

14 days from now I’ll be visiting Singapore to join the South East Asia Majors 2014. It’s a yearly tournament that happens a month or so before the Evolution tournament. Best prize for first place is a slot in the Arc Revolution Cup 2014!

This will be the second time I’ll participate in SEAM and for this year I’ll only be focusing in one game instead of 3 like last year (namely Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend, Persona 4 Arena, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3). This year there is more at stake than just winning 1st place and getting a trophy.

For this year there will be an inclusion of prizes directly from the makers of Blazblue themselves, Arc System Works. Prizees for this year will be:

1st: 50% of the pot + Mu12 1/8 PVC Figure
2nd: 30% of the pot + Noel 1/7 figure
3rd: 10% of the pot + Plushie
4th: 10% of the pot

Pretty generous for Arc System Works to supply all these figures to be honest.

This here is the 1st place prize. I don’t think you’d need a trophy if you get this though ^^;;

You can check out the review for this Mu12 figure over here. This might motivate some people to actually try to win the tourney.

I don’t mind if they gave the alternate colors too.

Here is the Noel Vermillion figure with her new costume. Personally, there are a lot of things I didn’t like with this figure, but it’s a good addition to any figure or BB collector.

Again, the alternate colors are also very welcome. But last time I check, I believe they’ll be getting the default colors. Still good though. I have no idea what this plushie prize is.

That’s a lot of figures and also they’ll be giving away other goodies like trophies and maybe MadCatz arcade sticks like last year. There will be other goodies too, but I’m not allowed to tell that yet ^^

Aside from that, the winner gets to have the chance to participate in the Arc Revolution Cup that will happen in Japan this August 30 as well!

If you guys are still upto it, you can opt to register here.
I enjoyed my trip and the experience of having to join a regional tournament, which is why I’m tagging along again this year. You can check out articles regarding the event here in Day1 SEAM2013 review and Day2 SEAM2013 review

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