Blazblue artbook giveaway

I’m pretty sure most videogaming communities out there have their own form of giveaways. Shirts, mugs, stickers, but I’m sure people hardly find artbooks being used as giveaways XD

This is a thank you gift to the Blazblue community for their continued support and for being able to go to the rannbats which were held last saturday, July 30, 2011. Two of the community members and I planned to make this giveaway many moons ago (like since November or December) and after being delayed for a couple of times, it was finally released. We never announced to anyone about this effort so it really was a surprise to all those who came during the event.

This is the first time I was involved in producing something like this, so it really was an educational experience. I’ll document how artbooks like these are produced next time. Do note that everything here are fan arts from different artists within the community and those who are just interested with the game’s characters. I’ll try to post the links of the artists as well so you can check their works online =D

Aldou –

Aile – or
and Idowa Hailfall –

Power- J –

Kyousakee –

Tuks –

Michi – or

Niteraid – or

Naiyakaze – and Calendula –

Seika –

We only produced 40 copies of this 20 page fa- art book, because for one its free, but the printing cost isn’t. I had to shoulder half of the payment while I asked other people if they’re willing to contribute a bit to help out. Second we weren’t sure how many people are coming to the ranbats so our guesstimate was that 40 was good enough.

Oh and I’m really ecstatic right now that a Hakumen player won EVO2k11 and he won it by beating some of the best players around the world (Zong-1, Heart Nana, Lord Knight and Tokido) have a video before you go =D


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  1. Exciel
    Exciel says:

    That’s awesome, I would love to be a part of your scene. ( ゚,_ゝ゚)

    BBCS2 Evo Finals was totally unexpected, although I hate Hakumen that guy totally deserved to win and I’m glad it wasn’t a random Makoto/Noel/Tokido.

  2. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    That’s pretty cool to have a local community really into a franchise like this and make use of that interest to create something like an art book.

    Man, stupid Hakumen used to hate him on CT, too high damage =_=. I was surprised that he was nerfed a bit for CS but after this match no one can really complain I suppose.


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