Redbox by Redjuice

Was finally able to snag a copy of this beautiful artbook from Redjuice during the last convention (Otaku Expo, January to be precise)! Hope no one kills me for grabbing the last copy though >.<

Trying to sneak in some time to do blogging is getting harder and harder, hopefully I’ll able to make two posts a day a reality!

Redbox is an artbook printed by Kadokawa and it’s packed with a ton of artworks (read: 191 pages) from Redjuice from his latest works like Beatless upto his older ones like his Vocaloid covers for World is Mine and the like. It also comes with a B2 size poster of the cover as well.

The artbook itself comes in this really nice plastic cover instead of being a printed jacket which most artbooks come in. Really gives a more premium vibe to it.

I’m certainly unfamiliar with some of his works like Hana Saku Mani Mani and Genesis, but since it’s illustrated by Redjuice I’m sure that it’s a treat to the eyes already.

Will leave you guys with pics from the pages of the artbook. Made sure that the shots taken came from different series like Beatless, Guilty Crown and his other works from Vocaloid and the like. I’m sure you’ll recognize some of them ^^

If you guys are into redjuice, or good artwork in general, you might want to check out Redbox. I highly recommend that you add this artbook into your collection, especially since I don’t think there will be a second publication run for this.

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  1. Fabrice
    Fabrice says:

    An artbook that im really cursing myself not getting, I have the Beatless Figure and seriously I just dont know why GSC dont just continue and make more, they are great and I love the artwork! Also imagine a Beatless anime, that would be great but only if its better than Guilty Crown that was downright disappointing ep 13 onwards. Still fuming at that second concur huh. anyway i might have a look and see if i can get this. Im a fan.

    • Anton Eduque
      Anton Eduque says:

      Guilty Crown tried so hard to be the next Code Geass, sadly that didn’t work out. Redjuice figures are gdlk. I love his lithe looking characters and the color combo he uses is very endearing.


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