Homura Akemi -Black One Piece ver- review

Trying really hard to produce at least two articles in a week is hard. I wonder how the online magazines and social media managers create content without running out of steam @__@

I remember back then when the third movie of Puella Magi Madoka Magica (or Madomagi for short) was shown people were left confused and didn’t know how to feel because of the plot twist. Before anything else, I am warning people already that reading through this review might spoil you in case you haven’t seen the movie yet.

Needless to say, I was one of hose guys who were kind of shocked at the movie. All the signs and symptoms were there regarding Homura Akemi’s devotion which borderlines obsession already.

Homura turns into a witch in the middle of the movie and Kyuubey, being the somewhat omnipresent being that he is, decides to pay a visit into her world. Within this dimension, Homura commands an army of nutcracker looking familiars who bear resemblance to her magical girl outfit.Homura herself dons a new dress while within her world as she tries to chase down the Kyuubeys in it.

Although there are six nutcracker figures here, I only brought out one since they’re all basically the same ^^;;

All the figures come with this semi transparent base which reminds me of Nendoroid Puchis. Speaking of which…

For your reference. Aniplex homura vs Umi Sonoda nendoroid puchi.

I like how they sculpted this figure, but my biggest problem is the white paintjob. Throughout the review you will notice some lines that are rather off, like her chest, the nutcracker’s gloves, etc, which is bothersome. Mistakes like these in a small figure tend to be more noticeable. Figure also comes with a pointing arm.

Love the ruffles on her dress and the clear plastic beneath her skirt.

I find these familiars a wee bit charming. They remind me of pawns in chess, which sadly should’ve been the design of the base of this figure.

My pet peeve with the nutcrackers is more on the glaring seamlines. Since this is an Aniplex figure, I wished that it would’ve cleaner than this =___=

Finally we go to Kyuubey who oddly looks cuter here for some odd reason. Maybe’ it’s because he’s running away for his life?

I do suggest people to be very careful with his ears (or with the entire figure itself) as they look very very fragile and easy to snap off. We accidentally dropped him, good thing he wasn’t broken or anything.

Ear was somewhat affected from the drop.

Aside from my usual gripe about boring bases, the main problem with this set is the quality control of the paint. Love the sculpt and everything, I’m sure the creators envisioned something far better but the quality control got in the way.

Feel free to also check the Homura Akemi nendoroid review I made. I can’t sell that Homura because my life depends on it (said the gift giver).

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