Ozinefest Figure Special

Get ready for an eyeful of figure pictures (I really mean that this is a LONG article). 100+ images worth of figure pictures are occupying my flickr account so expect not to be able to access the other pics when you go to flickr to check other pics outside of this article. (darn you 200 image-at-a-time limit).

Ozine, and Team Onii-Chan was able to deliver last December 28-29 a figure-centric event. You don’t see this happening much in the Philippines as most conventions that cater to Japanese sub-culture enthusiasts focuses more on cosplay, or general anime stuff.

As I mentioned, I got around 100 pics so expect a lot of figures. All the figures presented during the convention all came from the members of Team Onii-Chan. Through their generosity they were able to give con-goers a large and respectable figure exhibit. The only thing that limited them I think was the number of tables, otherwise there would be a lot more figures ^^

I wouldn’t be able to name every figure, but I’m sure if you ask in the comment box someone will answer the question eventually.

Ringo from Air Gear. Pretty risque there.

The girls from Highschool of the Dead. I’m a big sucker for zombie flicks and I believe they’re the best ninjas ever. They stink, they make a lot of noises, and yet they can catch people by surprise.

The mysterious fluid near the figure from Night Shift Nurses is a replica mind you ^^

Tamaki from To heart 2

I’ve decided to just take a collective picture of some of the nendoroids. If I went out of my way and took a picture of each and every single figure, I would be swamped. Any suggestions on how to upload pics in wordpress as fast as the system in figure.fm?

A bunch of Madoka nendoroids from different timelines and one Homura hell bent in protecting them all. We even have a detective Madoka (that’s actually Sharro from Milky Holmes ^^). My friend just recently gave me a Homura Nendoroid for Christmas and I’ll review it soon.

Said Homura-donater holding a 1/1 Kyubey figure. Kyubey is probably the cutest thing to have when you are working as a human resource personel (aka people who hire people for work).

On a sidenote, I heard some HR people would place different figures in their office (an anime one, maybe a batman figure, a sculpture or something) to try and see which figure will the applicant first comment on.

A bunch of figmas, a Jehuty Revoltech (it’s Jehuty right?) and Tiger & Bunny Figuarts.

Mmmm I’ll get that KOSMOS figma someday and get a Homura figma as well. Then give those big guns to Homura ^^

KOSMOS ver4 from Alter. Is KOSMOS your favorite mecha-musume?

Yuki-onna from Nurahiyon no Mago

Serizawa Fumino and Nozomi Kiriya from Mayoi Neko Overun!

Figures of Hanekawa Tsubasa (Bakemonogatari) in her black form and normal form. I prefer normal form here =P Speaking of which, Nisemonogatari is showing this season, be sure to watch it.

Senjougahara Hitagi from Bakemonogatari again. Both her Kotobukiya and GSC made versions

Nadeko Sengoku, again from Bakemonogatari

Mayoi Hachikuji (did I get that right?) from Bakemonogatari

Figmas Hitagi and Araragi along with their kids ^^

Time to move on to the Type Moon Section (particularly Fate/Stay Night). What we have here is Saber Alter from the Heaven’s feel route

Regular Saber. I swear she’s turning into a Barbie Doll second only to Miku with all the “new stuff” she’s getting (summer ver, red, bride, with that motorcycle, figma in a suit, etc)

Saber Lily with and without her armor. Hmmm something’s wrong with this one’s nose. Might be the lighting @_@ I’ve dismantled a Saber Lily figure once, I still haven’t gotten around as to what to do with it.

Saber with her suit. GSC will be coming out with the one on her bike, are you excited as I am about that figure? Review of this figure can be found here as well ^^

Saber’s casual costume in fate/hollow ataraxia. I’ll be reviewing this figure soon ^^

A garage kit Saber Lily painted in Black and Silver

Tohsaka Rin’s figure from Unlimited Blade Works route. She’s probably one of my favorites in the entire fate storyline, first place at the moment is Fox-eared Caster ^^

Saber, Rider and Rin in maid outfits as seen in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. I hope we get to see an anime adaptation of this. You get to see who Lancer’s real master, more interactions with the servants and masters, plus the 8th servant, Avenger along with Kirei’s daughter, Caren.


Nendos and Petits of the cast from Fate/Stay Night. That Ilya really looks cute there!

Rider Figma

A really really tall (I think it was 1/7 or 1/6) of Saber. Will review this soon as well.

I am still amazed as to how Wave is able to sculpt the waist area that well in their Beach Queens. Purple haired girl is Sakura.

Evangelion girls

I think this was the Erza Scarlett that a member of Team Onii-chan made

Boa Hancock from one piece I believe

Nymph really looks extra cute here!


Dizzy from Guilty Gear. I haven’t gotten around to reviewing her yet either. Maybe a good new year’s resolution is to review all the nice figures I have ^^

I think her name is Buddy. Very nice character design here.

Yuuki Nagato from “The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi”

Hong Mei (is that right?) from the Shining Series drawn by Tony Taka

Belldandy from Oh My Goddess! GSC or Alter should create a figure of Belldandy someday!

Spot the difference ^^

Remember to always buy an original otherwise…

You might end up with a derp-quality figure

Eri from School Rumble!

Haruka. I also lent some of my figures during the event. I think its awesome to sometimes share (in this case, lend) your blessings to people.

A bunch of figures from Ore no Imouto. Which face do you fancy more?

Which character do you prefer? Kuroneko or Kirino?

One Piece, particularly Luffy. This series has been going strong for a long time already hasn’t it?

Come to think of it, do you guys have any series or character that you fancy the most to the point that you find yourself buying too many figures from that series or character?

Kurosaki Ichigo’s Bankai form in Bleach

Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin. I remember watching this series when i was still a kid^^

Samurai men from a series that I am not familiar with ^^ (A friend it’s from Hakuoki)

The girls from Strike Witches, haven’t gotten around watching this.

This one’s character design (sorry, not familiar with the name) doesn’t look so bad.

Among all of them I like Charlotte’s character design the most.

Time for some Black Rock Shooter, this one being Dead Master. Hmmm the character designs in the anime series are kind of different now. Is this some ploy to get a new line of figures as well? ^^


My favorite character in this series has got to be Black Gold Saw! I’m also digging Chariot’s design in the series, but we’ll see.

I did a review of the BRS without the jacket and it was given away as a prize of a charity event back then (link). Personally, I like the one with the jacket.

I still prefer the other one with the jacket, but this one is nice too. This shouldn’t be called anime ver anymore due to the upcoming series this season. More like an OVA ver ^^

A pretty nice reflection/parallelism if you ask me =)

This white rock shooter must be a hassle to keep clean. Dust can easily settle and stick to paint and you can see it even more if it’s white paint.

The recently released BRS figma. I actually prefer this over the one that came with the DVD. Maybe its because she looks much older here? You can find the review for the original BRS figma here

Deadmaster and Gold Saw figmas

Mato Kuroi and Yomi, BRS and Dead Master’s human selves.

BRS nendoroid

BRS in cheerful japan cheerleading attire with ChanCO face!

You guys know that you can’t have an anime figure event without Miku being there. This one was drawn by Tony taka and then sculpted by GSC.

Lat Miku. Really looking cute with the red glasses there.

Nendoroid Mikus and Snow Mikus!

Racequeen Nendoroid Mikus here. I really like the latest costume and I feel bad for skipping out that figma version of hers DX

Nendoroid Len and Rin, Luka and Kaito

Other Miku figures here. That picture above deserves a caption like “Oh you!”

Len and Rin again

Figmas and nendo puchis from the vocaloid series.

From one musically themed series to another. It’s K-on figmas and nendos here

I’m sure this one costs a ton especially since this is a complete set.

Azusa looking cute here

A two other Azusa figs here as well

Mio is probably the cutest heroine in this series in my opinion. I did a review of that Alter version before along with the uplark

Mugi on Keys.

Yui, the main heroine looking either cheerful or a bit demure.

Finally a bunch of touhou figures and nendoroids. Again I didn’t take a picture of everything there ^^

This is oddly cute

The skirt really caught my eye here

Nice looking tengu thighs

Mmmm I should get a Yukair figure like this soon. ^^

I just realized that the figure also has a tongue sticking out as well.

Aside from Yukari, I’m also eyeing to get this Alice Margatroid figure someday. But for now I’ll have to save up to gain the means to get me more figures (have something that pays for figure expenses)

Touhou nendoroids here.

and some Touhou figmas. You can find a Sakuya Izayoi figma review here which i did a year ago.

Next time I post a figure-laden article I’ll skip the words XD. I think it’s a tad bit too long and plentiful hahaha.

You guys can take a look at the other events I’ve covered that has figures here:

UP-Ame 2011

Ozinefest 2011

13 replies
  1. Wieselhead
    Wieselhead says:

    Many nice figures, weren’t there a fewfigure thieves?
    Quite a number from these figures are also in my posession 😀
    These casual dress Sabers, which I don’t own are beautiful as well as Ringo.
    Ii want them now *Q*

    Im wondering how they transported the BRS anime version figure, as I packed her back into her box, a peg broke off 🙁

    The cute Homura-donater figure looks so real XD

  2. matty (@tanoshimini)
    matty (@tanoshimini) says:

    Thanks for taking the pictures! So many lovely figures I’d love to nick XD

    That Ringo figure looks absolutely amazing despite it being a bit risque as you sayXD

    I really wish we would have cons here that show cast figures and what not.

    It kinda scares me how I have quite a few of those figures in your pics. I think K-ON is the one that I buy too many of. But lately, I have not bought any figures for quite a while.

    Thanks a lot for taking these pictures! Must of been really tiring and then uploading them.

  3. Nopy
    Nopy says:

    That’s a pretty extensive display of figures. I guess if you combine the collections of several people, you would get something like what Team Onii-chan had. If I did something like this at my local con, I think it’d turn into more of a nendoroid display ^.^


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