New hardwares

Just wanted to share you guys the stuff i got this december-january.

I’ve placed the entire set up to the left of my desktop for easy viewing of strategy guides and combo videos XD The biggest challenge here were the cords. I had to buy an extension cord and rewire the entire table to accommodate the new stuff.

Any normal person would know that having a white PS3 is a hassle to maintain because the dirt is easier to see. Well, that’s exactly the reason. It just doesnt sit well with me that i cant see the dirt in my PS3, especially when i clean it regularly. Besides, white PS3s look nice.

Oddly, a friend of mine noticed that the controller is lighter than normal. This coming from a friend who also plays fighting games as well (wherein the weight of a controller is also important).

A lot of people were surprised that  I got Batman: Arkham City, instead of an RPG or a fighting game as my first PS3 game. Special thanks to Pete for lending me the Valkyria Chronicles (I havent enjoyed an RPG game like this ever since final fantasy tactics) and Aile for allowing me to borrow her japanese copy of Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend for a week!

Got myself a 32 inch LED Samsung TV. This i guess marks the first TV that i’ve ever bought with my own money. Feels pretty good to be able to get your own stuff XD

A good friend of mine got me this for Christmas XD. Will review it soon (because she demands a review XD)

Got Kamen Rider Kabuto last year and i Bought Kamen Rider W for my friend, we decided to “exchange” Kamen Riders for now.

Opened up some segaprize figures that were sleeping in a cabinet XD

This explains why i havent been posting lately. PS3 kept me away from doing proper review works or postings hahaha.

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    I think white hardware looks pretty on general but it is a hassle to maintaining looking pristine. Didn’t you have a PS3 before though? Where did you play all those fighting games?

    Also VC is awesome, one of my top 3 PS3 games. I also look forward to the American release of Extend, just about a month to go.

    • duqs
      duqs says:

      I either borrow from friends or I practice at their place. Maaan typing in a PS3 is a pain hahaha.

      Yeah VC has me hooked. Right now I’m looking forward to Soul Calibur5 XD

  2. Nopy
    Nopy says:

    Everyone seems to be using TVs instead of monitors these days, I’m jealous. I also got a nendo Homura, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get around to reviewing it any time soon.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      I heard TVs are getting cheaper and cheaper there in the US (if i read correctly that you’re from the US ^^). I got mine during a Christmas sale and i usually time my purchases with sales just to help me save money.


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