Figure Sale 2018 Part 1

Looking for new homes for these wonderful lassies (and a lad). Helping out a friend sell the first half of the collection he has amassed over the years (probably to make room for more ^^). Also yes, I will have to review the CSS of the site.

Don’t worry, no figure fell from doing that wall of figs we just made. If you know someone interested, don’t hesitate to share! … ALso yes, entries are delayed, but will resume soon since I now have a clear direction on where to take this blog to.


Some names in the list arent in the picture because we seriously just forgot to bring the box from one house to another. Also if there are empty boxes in there, it’s just that we forgot to place the figure in the box and theyre still in their display cabinets ^^
(Names are also hotlinks to MFC site so you guys know exactly which sort of figure we are selling exactly)

To Heart 2 figures, mainly Tamaki Kousaka. She’s my personal top 1 in the franchise with Manaka and Sasara both at number 2.




NameModellerCommentsPrice (Philippine Peso PHP)
Tamaki KousakaMax Factory2500
Tamaki Kousaka 4leaves TemptationKotobukiya2000
Tamaki Kousaka 4leaves PanicKotobukiya2000
Tamaki Kousaka 4leaves DXKotobukiya2500
Tamaki Kousaka Swimsuit MaidGriffon2000
Tamaki Kousaka Swimsuit BlueBEAT2000
Tamaki Kousaka Swimsuit WhiteBEAT2000
Tamaki Kousaka Amiami limited whiteKaitendohundecided
Tamaki KousakaKaitendoh2000
Sasara Kusugawa Kuro Neko
Sasara Kusugawa Swimsuit WhiteBEAT2000
Sasara Kusugawa SwimsuitGriffon2000
Sasara Kusugawa School Swimsuit maidKotobukiya2000
Yuzuhara KonomiBEAT2000
Tamaki Kousaka MaidGriffon2000
Sasara KusugawaGriffon2000
Tamaki Kousaka Maid Bikini InnocentSkyTube2000

By now you’ve seen a trend in preference =)) Some of the Sonicos dispalyed here are actually reviewed in the blog too!



NameModellerCommentsPrice (Philippine Peso PHP)
Sonico ChristmasVertex3500
Sonico Gravure swimsuit whiteSkytube2000
Sonico Swimsuit whiteBEAT2000
Sonico Gothic MaidGift-discolored leg from ribbon2500
Sonico BondageOrchid Seed-paint transfer from tube top2500
Sonico SantaAlter2500
Sonico After PartyGSC3500
Sonico BikiniKaitendoh2000
Sonico BabydollYamato2000
Sonico Babydoll Strawberry SorbetYamato2000
Sonico TokonatsuWing2000
Sonico DealerAmakuni2000
Sonico Tokonatsu TanWing2000
Sonico CheerOrchid Seed3000
Sonico BQWave2000
Sonico NurseOrchid Seed2000
Sonico ShimapanOrchid Seed-problem with peg, no replacement parts2000
Sonico PackageOrchid Seed3500
Sonico Office LadyWing2500
Sonico Hestia CostumeGenco3500

Other characters from various series such as Tekken, Guilty Gear and K-on go here. Again, empty boxes there was because the figures were displayed in the cab and we forgot to take them out.




NameModellerCommentsPrice (Philippine Peso PHP)
Kashiwazaki Sena swimsuitAlphamax2500
Kashiwazaki Sena Cow patternAlphamax2500
Akiyama Mio FestivalUplark2000
Akiyama MioAlter2000
Tomoe MamiGSC2500
Kashiwazaki SenaGSCbox damaged by water damage2000
Mikazuki YozoraGSCbox damaged by water damage2000
Yozora Monster HunterGriffonbox damaged by water damage2000
Takayama MariaMax Factorybox damaged by water damage3000
Hasegawa KobatoMax Factorybox damaged by water damage3000
Hasegawa Kobato BQWavebox damaged by water damage2000
Kashiwazaki Sena BQWavebox damaged by water damage2000
Tomoe Mami BQWave2000
Kashiwazaki Sena SwimsuitAoshima2000
Alisa Amelia (GE2 v1)Plum3000

Some of them are cast offable, but you can opt to display them without having people visiting your room give you intense looks on your choice of decor for your living space ^^




NameModellerCommentsPrice (Philippine Peso PHP)
Cat Lap MilkNative-stands rusted, repainted with silver paint3500
Rias Gremory KoakumaChara-Ani3500
Togetsu Matsuri V2Skytube-no correction parts3500
Narukami YunoSkytube3500
Mamiya MarieSkytube3500
Nijou AkiOrchid Seed2500
AsmodeusOrchid Seed3500
Menace P2Megahouse2000
Maya SumaDragon Toy3500
TsunekoDaiki Kogyo2500
Kiritani KonomeDaiki Kogyo2500
Ichijou MaiOrchid Seed2000
Amaya Haruko BunnyChara-Ani2000
IgnisOrchid Seed2000
Jubei YagyuuAlter3500
Naoe KanetsuguAlter2500
Tokugawa SenAlter2500
Jubei YagyuuAlter2500
Rias GremoryKaitendoh3000


And now we’ve come to the really NSFW figures who are either nude and suggestive as heck, or legs wide open in a very suggestive pose. Do keep in mind that these are NSFW so take precaution when viewing the list below.




NameModellerCommentsPrice (Philippine Peso PHP)
Fukiishi HanaSkytube-plastic to remove parts snapped3500
Togetsu MatsuriSkytube3500
Ima RiaSkytube3500
Princess MilkOrchid Seed3000
LilianaMouse Unit3000
AnneteMouse Unit3000
Princess BitchOrchid Seed2000
Succubus AstaciaDaiki Kogyo3500
Kan'u Unchou 2pAmakuni2500
Succubus AstaciaDaiki Kogyo3500

So I’m sure you have questions which are normally going to be these:
1.) How do we contact you?
Feel free to PM over in twitter or in this public facebook post
2.) Do you accept shipping outside of Metro Manila?
Honestly, we have no idea. If you live outside of the Philippines, it would make sense to buy in bulk to justify shipping fees. We still haven’t decided on this
3.) It says part 1, does it mean there’s part 2?
Yes, but the prices are much higher than this bargain bin. As for when will part 2 be, the seller hasnt decided on it yet haha


Curious question as I was making this. When browsing through and clicking on the hyperlinks, do you guys prefer the page appearing on the same tab, or do you prefer the link popping out of a new tab? Personally I’m in the new tab camp, but let me know what you guys think ^^


PS: Yes I know, it’s been more than 9 months since my last entry, will update soon since I now have a clear direction on where to take the blog.


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