Final Figure Sale -Take 2-

I managed to sell a lot of stuff and now it’s time for round two of my figure selling spree!

Again reason for selling is more or less me wanting to:
1.) Make more space in my shelves, room and in life
2.) I want to get into a new hobby
3.) I don’t even have time to open my figures lol
Hopefully I get to sell everything before 2015 and maybe I can buy a 3d printer(to make custom figures maybe? hahaha)

This was my previous figure post from almost a month ago. Quite a lot have been sold and I’m planning on selling everything. I’ll still be doing figure photography since I realized that I love taking pics of them more than actually owning them lol ^^;;

I’ll also be posting MFC links along so you can check what the figure is outside of the box as well. Denomination will be in Philippine Peso since they’re my target market. If you guys need to contact me you can fill up the comment box here or you can contact me via FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

Yoko Littner EX Figure vol 2 Waitress ver (SEGA)
Nia Tepellin EX Figure vol 2 Waitress ver (SEGA)
1,400PHP for both, it’s basically a buy one take one ^^

Xiaoqiao from Sangokushi Taisen (SEGA)

You can buy all three for 1,800php

Makise Kurisu Nendoroid from Steins Gate (GSC)

Hatsune Miku Orchestra from Vocaloid (GSC)

Atelier Totori Nendoroid from Atelier Totori (GSC)

You can buy all three for 4,000php

Alfin Umbrio ver from Shining Force Feather (kotobukiya)
3,500 PHP

Ellis Hadaka ver from Asobi ni Ikuyo! (GSC)

Ruka Trulyworth from Ar Tonelico 2 (kotobukiya)
3,000 PHP

You can buy all three for 7,000php

Kousaka Tamaki from To heart 2(yamato)
2,800 PHP

Ilfa kunoichi from To Heart 2(kotobukiya)
2,300 PHP

Komaki Manaka moekore plus from To Heart 2(volks)
2,800 PHP

You can buy all three for 7,000php

Cryska Barchenowa Santa ver (Koto)
2,800 PHP

Takamura Yui (kotobukiya)
4,000 PHP

Inia Sestina (Alphamax)
2,700 PHP

You can buy all three for 8,500php

Total worth of the figures is at: 33,200 php
Worth of figures with the 3-piece set discount is at 28,800

If you get everything I can sell it at 23,000 (or less if you haggle nicely)

I hope you guys can give these figures a home ^^
I’ll still be reviewing figures from friends, but I probably wont be buying them on my won this time around. So I hope you guys still visit from time to time.

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