UP-Ame Saturday

Since I’m not able to go to AFA11 in Singapore this year, I opted to enjoy my supposed AFA Saturday as much as I can.

UP-AME is a yearly festival which usually occurs around November. I used the word festival instead of convention not only because that’s how its marketed through its communication efforts, but also because of the entire atmosphere of the event. Girls above are from their maid café, or in this case a yurei café. I tried to make the entire day awesome not only by going to UP-Ame, but also by visiting multiple areas that may also interest you guys as well.

There was hardly any tasty food stall there, so me and my comrade Pete (one of the animators of “My Little Pony”) have decided to eat in a Sake Sushi before going to the event.

As you can see, Sakae Sushi is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. The food isn’t exactly fresh (unless it’s a pink plate) but it’s definitely affordable with its P400 (Y800) eat all you can price tag that comes with a refillable green tea.

I do suggest ordering a Yakiniku or something else that could remove the taste of fish in between plates.

My first choice was the California maki. Red plates are more expensive but they have 6 regular sized rolls in it, while the yellow plates contain 2 large rolls and are cheaper. Honestly you wouldn’t care about the price if you avail the eat all you can XD

I suggest skipping the “Ham with Bread and cheese maki” as it can immediately fill up your stomach and the taste isn’t really up there compared to the other maki and sushi that they have.

Price tags

Their green tea. The stack of plates on the right is mine. I heard animators need a lot of energy (food) to keep up with the work load.

Blue plates rarely come out. Despite using cheap products such as eggs, the upside is they’re always fresh like the pink plates. We didn’t order any pink plates because of the stuff that was coming out were tofu dishes.

A good view of the entire restaurant.

Now let’s move onto UP-Ame. Last year the venue was really small and there was a HUGE crowd. There were so many people that not only did the tickets run out, they also didn’t allow people to enter anymore. This year it seemed that the amount of people that are attending are smaller. Maybe its because a lot are attending AFA this year.

Like I said there were activities such as the sumo-wrestling contest, the balloon-dart stands and more. But it seemed that there were more people doing these things in the early afternoon as opposed to the latter hours.

Baggage counter, best feature ever XD

A drawing contest I think.

Saw this awesome looking gunpla, so I had to take a picture of it.

There was actually an area that sold swords. The very long katana over there (I think it’s a nodachi) costs P14,000 (that’s Y28,000).

Team Onii-chan, the guys responsible for the figure displays for the past conventions, also had a symposium about figure maintenance during 2:00pm.

Random Mushu-looking pedestal

Took some pictures of cosplayers. I don’t know some of them to be honest.

A cosplayer and a fellow Blazblue player, Chase.

Blazblue Philippines was also present in UP-Ame and had a 3v3 tournament. We only lasted up till 7th place sadly XD

Mom and my brother brought home some awesome desserts from the dessert fair from fullybooked. Awesome desserts were awesome, and this was just HALF the entire day. Spent the remaining half with college friends and did a murder mystery game for the first time. Being in a marketing-advertising course means you’re filled with colorful people and quite frankly the murder mystery was a bigger success because of that. Have you guys tried having something like this?

I’ll be posting the figures that were placed on display real soon =D

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  1. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    The food conveyor looks interesting, I also liked to read your explanation about how it works.
    I don’t like cosplaying very much, but three girls in your pictures looked very cute in their costumes. Haha looks like your a fan of desserts *yum* ^_^

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Hahaha yeah i really love sweets. But i should watch out XD Too many sweets is a bad thing as well.
      Yeah it really is interesting thats why i decided to share it =P thanks man

  2. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Now that’s how you spend a weekend, how I’m craving going to a nice convention like this. Keep missing my local one for whatever reason.

    That’s quite a bit of plates there, I have yet to experience a conveyor belt restaurant of any kind. Quite a bit stuff to do, and nice cosplay and girlies to see too.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      That’s a shame, try to visit your local conventions as it leads to comrades as well XD But i guess if work is raining on your doorstep, there really isnt anything we can do about it ^^

      I had to spend the weekend with a blast, otherwise i’d really feel like i missed out an AFA weekend. Talk about having to cope hahaha

  3. Nopy
    Nopy says:

    Wow, nevermind sushi, if we had all-you-can-eat prices like that for anything, there would be a lineup every day.

    With huge conventions like AFA, it’s easy to look over smaller conventions or “festivals”, but they can be fun too. I think the girl in the full armour looks really cool.


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