Homura Akemi Nendoroid Review

What better way to start off March than a review of our favorite tragic magical girl, Homura!

This Homu Nendo was a Christmas gift to me by Seika. She’s been prodding me to update the blog lately, and I guess now is a better time than anything since I have more hours to myself now ^^

The violet to blue gradient packaging is kind of cute. There has been a lot of nendoroid products with meh packaging recently, but this one is kind of just right for the character. How many of you guys think packaging is important?

To be honest, Sei and I had the longest time deciding whether to buy the figma Homu or the nendo version. To be honest, the biggest deciding factor was the shield. In figma Homu, the shield was “closed” as opposed to nendo Homu. I know I could’ve painted it but I don’t want to risk it XD

Love how she looks indifferent to whatever is not her business XD. I wasnt satisfied at how her hair turned out to be on the sides, I felt that the gap was too big. But regardless I still liked the figure ^^

That splitting long hair makes her distinctively Homura even from behind. Btw, how many of you guys like the new “backdrop”? (The TV screen being used as a background)

It must’ve been hard to ensure that the black paint on the white dress, the eyes, and on the collar doesn’t get out of line.

Totally appreciating the fact that the stand connector was positioned this way instead . If the top part were positioned on a convex manner (instead of the concave one which you see right now), it would get in the way of the hair. Obvious stuff, but there has been a lot of obvious mistakes that some toy manufacturers commit from time to time XD. Attention to details does get you a long way.

Sorry if Homu was out of focus here, but I wanted to show you guys that the soul gem attached to her hand is very well made and detailed. They didn’t go the easy route and place a purple dot there XD

Time to switch to her serious face! You can tell she’s serious the way her eye brows work are right now >:|

Yes it says made in China, that’s where a lot of GSC products are manufactured. The figma shield has it’s centerpiece “closed”. If i were to mod it wouldve had to sand paper it a bit then painted it.

The Homu Pistol. Perfect for shooting right through your heart. Again very detailed here, primarily because the gun is bigger compared to the figma version.

Were you guys blown away by episode 10 like I was? (The one where Homura’s past was revealed) This series really blowed my mind away, from the Mami Episode to the very last. Too bad we  don’t get much anime like this XD

Ok back to the bazooka. Bazooka here is extremely more detailed than the figma version, which is surprising because they’re almost the same size.

Bazooka comes with hand parts, but poseability is seriously limited due to nendo head size, and the poseability of the arms as well XD

Entire head switch. Homura’s braided hairstyle and her innocent face with eyeglasses is the best way to go. I have to say, the figma version is waay better though XD. The details on the bomb are simple; and with Homura holding it, the bomb looks like some gift ready to be given to anyone ^^

Since I have more time now, I can review the other pending figures here. I’ll start off with casual Saber, hopefully I can post it by saturday.  So did any of you guys buy a Puella Magi Madoka Magica figure? It’s been more than a year since this great series aired XD

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  1. exilehero
    exilehero says:

    Hmm the bazooka really is detailed huh. I love the moemura face on her, she’s so cute with those big nendo glasses haha.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Hahaha yeah. I dont think they could be detached though DX. Imo Moemura figma is more moe than the nendo XD. You can see the moeness in her pose.

  2. Nopy
    Nopy says:

    I generally don’t care much about the packaging unless something arrives broken, then I rage. I bought the Homura nendo too, but I haven’t had any time to actually do anything with it yet. She looks like she has a lot of accessories to work with.

  3. Yi
    Yi says:

    While I usually like cool Homura more, for this nendo, I agree–glasses braids Homura is the way to go. She’s so cute with that bomb and that expression. ^ ^

  4. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Hmm… yeah, how did the nendo end up with more details than the figma counterpart? I rarely like nendos but Homura fits quite nicely, much more so with the Moemura face.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Hmmm i guess it’s easier for em to place more detaisl because the nendos are bigger. But then again the bazooka is kinda big… and it doesnt have much detail which is strange

  5. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    Everything seems very well done, even the pattern on her stockings.
    The innocent face with the glasses is adorable ^-^ I want the faceplate!

    Haha a Nendo with a bazooka is so unusual, it’s the girls with guns appeal, we don’t see that often with this big head cuties. *comrades arm your Nendoroids*

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      I agree, there is some charm to seeing cute little things with big guns. Cant wait for a nendo to come with a chain gun hahaha XD Reminds me of the Hoi-Hoi series now from Kotobukiya


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