Hatsune Miku Orchestra Nendoroid Review

My most awaited nendoroid has finally arrived, Hatsune Miku Orchestra, or HMO, nendoroid is now here on my table after months of waiting and another month due to some shipping delay from the shop I ordered this item from. Glad that this nendo is now with me and that’s all that matters at the moment. XD

The HMO is slightly cuter than the regular Miku nendoroid and is fully poseable just like the Saber armored nendoroid. So I guess that’s like two pluses in one, the only thing missing from the entire thing is a Hachune face of sorts, but the added “= 3” face makes up for it. I’d still totally buy a Miku nendoroid for the Hachune face though, but I’m thinking of waiting for the fully poseable Snow Miku instead that’s going to be released around june.

I hate to sound too much of a critic, but the vibrant green box makes the entire thing stand out even more than the original black box of the original Hatsune Miku Nendo. I do sometimes wonder about GSC’s color choices when it comes to packaging.

Oh yeah, on a sidenote, my friend gave me the pixiv 2010 girls collection as a freebie from her trip from Japan, and my mom bought me the three other books on her trip to Singapore. Ah women, can’t live without them. This week was full of stuff, and I guess I’ll have more to review then. Back to the HMO review.

The instructions state that there are a lot of accessories, and indeed there are (which makes this review even longer). The packaging of the entire thing was made economical that there is another set containing another group of accessories behind the main plastic packaging.

Laid it out to make it look neater. HMO nendoroid has two sets of hands, two arms, stand, two keyboards, two electric drums, one electric bass, a flute, a bullhorn, two “wired” headsets, two leeks, and two extra face sets. I think thats about all the parts there are.

The factors that got me buying this nendoroid wasn’t even poseability but the slanted eyes and the really long sleeves which just made this entire nendoroid a total must-get-now figure.

The skirt at the back is slightly higher than usual which makes Miku a bit flashy here. Oh yeah, and the added volume to the hair makes the entire figure stand out even more and it helps in achieving that much needed balance when it comes to posing figures.

The hair is also bendable also to allow your Miku to be posed without having the hair looking to stiff like it ad too much spray net. Not sure really how to pose the movable hair though.

The HMO nendoroid comes with a stand that’s quite sturdy but hard to install I guess. Her back hair also gets in the way in posing that you are allowed to sometimes pose it for with her head looking straight only. You can opt to use that stand or use one thats will support the nendo from the legs instead or the clampy ones.

Looking hyper there Miku. This winking face of hers simply makes the HMO nendo even more cuter than it was and it heightens Miku’s appeal as a (synthethic) singer, musician and dancer as well.

It also goes well when you pose her, it brings out more personality than the usual default face. I’m currently trying out different angles while taking photos, just tell me which ones you guys like for future references.

Nendo miku with winking face and shades. Be careful when putting the shades in or taking it out as it tends to chip the hair from the inside. I’m not sure if it was done on purpose but the shades aren’t properly aligned with the nose, it somewhat leans on Miku’s left side, which makes posing her in 3/4ths view more optimal than a front view shot. Maybe that’s just me my nendo, what about you guys?

Most of the shots here don’t make use of her stand to make myself accustomed to posing nendos without their stands. I also take shots at around 8” shutter speed with a tripod, which explains the nice light and that after image of the falling Miku. Any tips there to make your figures do dynamic poses without the stand?

This face is kinda new, and I do like this face of hers just as much as I like the psp nendo sharo’s crying face (argh so hard to find now) which just means I really really adore how cute the expression of Miku is in this pic.

Making an “ufufufufu” expression.

Running miku, again varied angled shots. I’m really iffy about worm’s eye view shots due to the necks of the nendos. It really shows sadly D=

Miku without her twintails, truly looks different. She even looks like shes wearing a Chinese dress instead, just add wavy hair to the back and you get a china Taiga nendo instead. You can turn her ahoge also by the way =D

She also has those earphones with wires sticking out which makes Miku look either she is about to link up to your nearest PC or sound system, or she’s super frazzled that all her wires are now coming out (which looks good with a Hachune face).

Aside from her default hands, Miku comes with two set of hands. One allows you maintain that droopy sleeve look while being able to hold onto things like other nendo accessories…

…such as this bull horn which especially comes in handy when Miku needs to announce something like the upcoming Vocafes in Japan!

Miku can also roll up her sleeves (attach the “shorter sleeve” part) which will allow her to make better use of her hands without the intrusion of her sleeves. If you guys have noticed, Miku’s headphones and her sleeves the colored buttons unlike her regular version. Cleaner look? ^^

Miku’s signature item, the leeks. Depending on your imagination, you can use those leeks as pseudo pompoms, swords or drumsticks!

She also comes with a flute as well. I really don’t know how some people were able to attach the flute to her hands (particularly the one with her hands opened wide). For this picture. I used Touko Amano’s other holding hand to hold it in place. For a review of Touko Amano and other figures (aside from gunpla ^^) check the following links

Sakuya Izayoi Figma Review

Kamen Rider Kabuto SHFiguarts Review

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Black Rock Shooter (Black Blade ver) 1/8 Scaled from GSC Review

Touko Amano Nendoroid Review

Xiao Qiao 1/10 Scaled Sega Prize Review

Black Rock Shooter Figma Review

I just realized I’ve done so many figure reviews already. I’ll be redoing the BRS figma review since i really feel it wasnt much of a review to begin with (first review and all)

Miku on keys. Again with the double shot outtake, cant seem to decide which view suits this nendo better. I heard from mikatan’s blog (thanks bd for the link)  that the creator of HMO personally requested for a grey keyboard in the nendoroid.

Beating her way into your heart, Miku on the drums (w/ leaks)! Personally this is drum set is a surprise as its very uncharacteristic to see Miku holding a percussion instrument, since you’ll regularly see her on the mic or guitars or even keys, but the electric drums make Miku seem like she was meant for the drums as well.

Full orchestra Hatsune Miku, whats missing here are the bullhorn (vocals) and the flute (wind) and its going to be a one-voca band.

Trying to copy the HMO album cover here. HMO song was made by YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra) and was illustrated by Kuu. The pic might not be exactly the same but at least i tired XD



Here are the song (si think)

And here is the original illustration made by Kuu

Absolutely outstanding, for a nendoroid that costs around 2,450 pesos (that’s 57USD as of writing), you get an amazingly adorable nendoroid that comes packed with tons of accessories and its also poseable as well! Well done GSC, you’ve successfully managed to grab money from my pocket yet again!

I’m more of a Luka fan than Miku, but due to the cuteness found in this nendoroid I had to skip buying the Luka nendo instead for the Miku. Now all I’m waiting for are the append version of Miku, Rin and Len (because the twins are bound to get the figma treatment) and the Luka (I’m sure crypton will make one, her voice might be cool and husky, but it still sounds digitized a bit).

EDIT: just found out about the stickers for the blank faces in nendo rin and nendo len (which i’ll have to look for) and the special movie ticket. Must watch it later =D This nendo has too many things to play with that its been keeping me busy as it is. XD

35 replies
    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      oh thanks, i guess you saw that “link please” portion. I usually place that in my drafts to remind myself of placing the links there.

      Yeah, but sadly, the core(abs/center of balance for people) isnt bendable much and the head is heavy as it is XD. I’d like to use the twintails but then again that’ll look less appealing DX

  1. Troy (トロイ)
    Troy (トロイ) says:

    Talk about a ton of accessories! I’m not really aware of the (what seems to be) sudden fascination with Miku, although I did buy one of her manga’s the other day!. But what I can’t deny is she has some amazing figures made of her!! Especially that one you have in the background where she’s lying down!!

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Miku’s (and the rest of the vocaloid cast’s) popularity has been rapidly increasing thanks to CGM in pixiv, youtube, niconico douga, deviantart, etc. and information dissemination in places like futaba boards, magazines, cosplay events and more. Been bitten also by the voca fever, though im really a luka fan =D.

      The one in the background is from the song world is mine, feel free to check the review i made of her =D

  2. Persocom
    Persocom says:

    Wow, she must have the most accessories of any Nendo that’s come out thus far. She looks really awesome and I almost regret having not bought her. Can’t say much about posing her because the only nendo with joints that I have is the petit hachune Miku. With other figures though, it’s all about patience and messing with them until they stay XD You got some great shots and I love the one where you’re imitating the album cover ^^

  3. Nopy
    Nopy says:

    She certainly comes with a nice array of accessories. It would definitely go well with the original Miku nendoroid. I’m rather impressed that they were able to add joints to her hair, I don’t think I’ve seen that with any other nendoroid.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      i dont ive seen the hair joints in other nendos either. I’d be utterly surprised if they decide to use soft plastic for the hair oneday to make it more malleable, but those things are easily breakable =

  4. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    I love this nendo, cutest Miku ever.

    I’m surprised at the prize, usually the more accessories a figure has the more expensive it is.

    As far as posing figures without stands, balancing there center of gravity like bd77 said works. Using the stands or parts of them and hiding them with clever angles is another options. Finally, use putty, blue tack, or whatever it is called to hold them in position.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      I dont blame you, I also find the price truly hard to believe

      Ima try the putty/bluetack soon. The figure poses i have in mind involves tripping or leaning too forward which sometimes makes posing very very challenging. Thanks for the tips

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      a very good question. Any joint gets loose if you keep playing with it for too long, regardless whether it has more articulation. Havent encountered anything specific to it yet

  5. Fabienne
    Fabienne says:

    Oh an adorable cute Nendo and also very nice artbooks, you’ve received.
    It is a nice review and your pictures look very good 😉

    This Miku is indeed very cute, I love the long sleeves and the long twintails.
    hehe its funny that her panties are that visible from behind, but still very cute
    the new = I face is also very funny ;D
    maybe I should have bought her instead of moveable Saber…

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      a moveable saber is fine too! I’m planning to get one probably after my funds take a much needed rest from the incoming preorders i have XD

      thank you for the kind words good sir =D

  6. Zai
    Zai says:

    Ah, she’s so damn adorable! I love the cute little pose you made of her running. She also looks great holding the recorder.. I couldn’t get my little Miku to hold it, I don’t have many full sized Nendos. xD

    When I pose stuff without stands I just try to balance it well and use some blu-tack if needed. I usually do really simple posing though, I’m not a creative at it. >.<

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Thanks, i actually used my toko amano’s hand on the miku to make her hold it. I have no idea how people made her hold it with just the open hand part XD

      The way you made her pose with one foot was creative and placing her inside a computer was unique as well imo =D

      • Zai
        Zai says:

        I remember trying to get it into her open hands with blu-tack but it just looked really bad! xD
        Maybe I’ll find a use for the recorder one day, hehe.

        Oh, thanks! Ehe, I usually just sit there moving joints around until I come up with something. ^^;

  7. Fabrice
    Fabrice says:

    Ah! so i see im not the only one with the problem to put the joint at the back, stupid hair stuff blocking the way. Im suprise that she can hold while on air, mine falls off -.-

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Had to tightly place the stand inside that slot behind her, otherwise it will fall off. I dont think i can keep playing with this nendoroid as it seems to be “loose” prone if i keep switching arms or if i keep detaching the stand from her XD


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