Megurine Luka Nendoroid -Cheerful Japan Edition Review-

Time to review another figure from Good Smile Company’s successful Cheerful Japan campaign.

This version of Megurine Luka is another product of Good Smile Company’s Cheerful Japan Campaign. I guess after the success of the Miku Cheerful Japan, they decided to go full blast with it and start selling more figures. (I have to apologize for the initial post because there were missing images :P)

Of course since the theme is “cheerful” Japan, packaging has to forego that edgy black and pink color in favor of something more pastel. Kinda clashing packaging, since I would like to see some of that appeal that Luka brings in the packaging too :P.

Like I said in my previous post, patience is a virtue. I’ve tried to not buy a nendo Luka in the past. I forgot for whatever reason it was, but I kinda felt that when the time is right, I’ll be auto buying it.

Luka is usually portrayed as someone sexy and very appealing. GSC has done a great job in creating a petite Luka who both brings out that same charm she has and at the same time a cute side you don’t see everyday.

I guess the “grey” see through parts add some charm to Luka, but up till now I do wonder what KEI had in mind when he included them in the final design. Though it does add up to the entire sexy appeal the character has =D

Nothing much to see here aside from a Vocaloid’s headset =D

The slit on her dress makes it a very optimal place to use the additional bent leg part. No complains about the boots, but nothing special bout them either. The lace looks like chocolate icing though hahaha.

Love the tiny detailing on the skirt of Luka, really makes every element come together. However on the other side of this figure is…

Huge complains about the painting quality of the belt. It kinda feels uneven and rough, like it wasn’t made of metal. I hope the other’s didnt get something like this D=

The Armwamer/communicator really looks good though and the white parts make it look like the button stands out(like a 3d illustration) 😛

The part that I like the most about this figure is the “trumpet tie”. That piece there brings out a lot of musical vibe for the character. This one did look nice, like all the rest of the character design elements. I’m just wondering what happened to the belt buckle really >=

The sideburns are movable, made of soft plastic and detachable too (but why would you do that?)

A lot of people are wondering what this faceplate is.It’s actually from Luka’s song “Double Lariat”. Tried to make her look spinning like in the video ^^


It’s been a pain to keep having to attach the back portion whenever I change parts for this review. Did the old Luka nendos have the same stand on the back in the past as well?

I don’t want to run the risk of scratching the hair part so I will now use this new hair part that comes with the cheerful edition.

So which Luka do youprefer? Hair down or ponytail? Actually I like the new Luka look, kinda feels fresher 😛

The ponytail is movable too =D

You can also remove the ponytail, and Luka will still look fab regardless =D. What look do you guys like now hahaha

And she comes with a singing face plate too. I thought of posing the nendoroid like this, but it just doesn’t suit me. I feel like the eyes should be open since it looks better that way.

Also included are some pompoms like Miku’s Cheerful version as well. Too bad this is the best suited faceplate for it (and probably the Double Lariat face as well XD)

If Miku gets a flag with a Cheerful japan logo on it, Luka gets a tambourine. Hmmm to me, it looks like the note wouldve lookedbetter with Luka, while the tambourine with Miku though.

It’s a facehug-errr Tako Luka I mean ^^. I do think this character item adds a lot of charm to getting a Luka nendo as well.

I have to say,having a Tako Luka is waaay better than a big TUNA as a character item.

For such a small item, it’s been properly detailed with tentacle suckers to snag Luka lovers out there. Believe me, a lot of people would buy Luka nendos for the Tako Luka alone. Like Madoka and Kyuubey.

You can also replace the head of your Nendoroid Petit with a Tako Luka as well 😀

The …forearms (?), are movable as well allowing you Tako Luka to be posed and avoid being a paper weight or a pencil eraser cover.

The entire thing comes with a hat, for your Tako Luka or for a nendoroid petit model, A bit of warning,  the plastic tends to overstretch if you place it far too long so i suggest using it sparingly.

Or you can just carefully balance it on top of your favorite nendoroid’s head.

You can also pose Luka and Tako Luka like this as well 😀

Really happy with this purchase (belt paint job and all). Did Ibuy other Cheerful Japan products aside from this? Sadly no. I wouldve purchased the Stein’s Gate one but the PO slots got full fast, but hey I’m sure I’ll be able to snag one someday :P. Up next, BLK Artbook review?

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6 replies
  1. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    Luka looks so elegant even in chibi shape ^^.The outfit is so pretty, as well.
    Well, the belt buckle looks horrible, but that can’t ruin the mainly positive impression.
    I like the singing face the most, the crazy face comes second.

    Both hairparts are great so I can’t decide which one is actually better.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Well you know what they say “once you see it, it’s hard to unsee” =P I’m satisfied with it, but t couldve been better
      Only thing missing now is the Tony Taka figure to complete the set.

  2. Nopy
    Nopy says:

    I’m kinda jealous. I got the regular Luka, which is almost the same, but like you said, the Cheerful version comes with the ponytail and a whole bunch of accessories.

    I like how you used your monitor as a background. I tried doing that with some of my scaled figures, but the screen was too small.

  3. Fabrice
    Fabrice says:

    Double lariat, how I love you. I remember when she played it in AFA concert, I went ballistic lol ^^

    Its great she got a re-release but with the cheer japan brand.

    the thing is i keep on forgetting to buy her.


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