Hi-Nu Gundoom Review, Part 2 and Beyond!

As promised, I’m reviewing the China-made Gundam from McModels based on the Hi-Nu Gundam called “Hi-Nu Gundoom”. Hope you enjoy it along with the 50+ pictures taken here, making this one of the lengthiest reviews I’ve ever done for a figure or Gunpla review.

Most of us has this slight misconception that “if its china-made its either going to be sub-par or a bootleg”, but this Gunpla was able to break that convention and come up with something unique, and good looking as well. You can also check the packaging, manual and runner review right here before you go and read on to see how much thought was placed in this Gundoom.

I’ll be reviewing the Gundoom, part by part without attaching the wings with the fin funnels first to give emphasis on each part that this China Gunpla has to offer. The Hi-Nu Gundoom has a LOT of  weaponry gimmicks up its sleeve which can make even the most seasoned UC universe pilot cringing at the amount of surprises that this Gundoom has in store for them. Was able to complete this for 6 hours and 30 minutes, straight (12am to 6am)

If you compare this with Banda’s own HG Hi-Nu Gundam, you’d notice that this Gunpla has more going for it in the detail department while Bandai’s version leans more on the sleaker side of things. One of the things I’ve noticed was that despite being 1/144, the Gundoom was bigger than that. I’d actually put it on the 1/100 line.

Being an HG line, it was inevitable that I still had to paint some parts on my own. Of course, there were some parts  I should’ve not painted like the bottom of the feet. Oh lol, rubber shoes XD. I didn’t also bother coloring the white portion of the wing binder (refer to the pictures from the manual or the box art ^^), since I felt it was ok this way. Anyway, the boosters at the back of the feet can be tucked away under the flap on top of it. Pretty nice to look at actually. Colored some parts here with the silver Gunpla marker.

Boosters were also colored silver here. Those two holes at the bottom of the boosters are for the booster propellants. We’ll get to that later. This Gundoom is obviously in need for loads of boosters for high maneuvering and for better control in space as well. Love the tail booster design on this.

The arms are different from each other as they have different functions to provide maximum versatility for this mobile suit. Hmmm, i wasn’t able to clean up the arms well. Will repair that later. If you have extra money, you can outfit your two Gundooms with the same arms each =D

The skirt is pretty versatile and the movement of each one is independent from the other. Oh the backskirt is also movable as well! That might seem trivial, but it grants your Gunpla more poses if you choose to. I’m really more of the “stand menacingly with weapons” type of guy when it comes to posing Gunplas and leaving it as is.

Colored some parts of the Gundoom with silver. If you’ll notice, there are stray lines in the Gundoom and I have to apologize for that (though you can sand paper it to remove offensive ink marks). I really need to work on my hand’s dexterity. Any tips?

Chest part really looks simple, and I think that’s what makes UC line mobile suits awesome looking. Not too much gaudiness or “orbs” to represent whatever. Yes, I am talking to you Gundam Wing and Exia. Don’t get me wrong I love these aforementioned Gundams, but simplicity has its charms too =P Head looks really samurai-esque here.

This was actually a grey stand to begin with, but I decided to color it white to make it look better and in line with the white motif that this Gundoom has. You can check more about this stand in right here.

The Hi-Nu Gundam’s right arm has been outfitted with a machine gun, pretty normal looking if you ask me until you find out that its not an ordinary arm-mounted machine gun.

However, China decided that it wasn’t enough and made it into a BEAM machine gun that can also act as a beam saber when needed. I wonder if this utilizes a rechargeable E-Cap or something hahaha. Just the right arm alone makes it extremely versatile as it is!

You can remove a part in the left arm to replace it with a HUGE beam saber that came make any Exia Gundam proud. The Hi-Nu actually has a beam saber stored inside the left arm, but I guess china decided that a small beam saber ain’t enough. Talk about anti-ship action.

As if that wasn’t enough, The arm also has a smaller HUGE beam saber (well that was confusing) in case someone decides to come around its back and the Gundoom decides that an elbow attack is faster than a full swing (which is true actually).

You can have some dual wielding action like this.

Or like this. Surprise, you can remove that big beam saber mounted on the left arm to act as a sword instead of a mounted blade. I wonder if this Gundoom would have some room in the middle of battle to throw this humongous sword at some ship or mobile armor.

You can also attach the two beam sabers and the big beam saber mount to for this glaive looking, or BIG BIG sword looking beam saber. I don’t exactly know how the Gundoom will swing the sword when the smaller part is roughly the same length as its arm. Design flaw?

And no self respecting protagonist Gundam (or Gundoom) will be caught dead without a beam saber in its arsenal. Was there ever a protagonist Gundam without a beam saber? You can also attach the two beam sabers together to make it look the a Beam lance that the Gundam Justice uses.

And aside from your usual does of beam sabers, most Gundams have a shield and rifle combo that go along with it as well. Not all protagonist Gundams have this combo (namely God Gundam and Shining Gundam, then again who needs shields in this series?)

Beam rifle looking more detailed than your usual black beam rifle (because its black). I actually like this rifle design among the rifles I.ve seen in the UC universe. Is that cyclindrical thing sticking on top of it an E-Cap of sorts? Oh and you can also store the rifle behind the Gundoom as well.

Standard shield. I decided not to add decals in the Gundoom yet because I think it will ruin the feel of the Gundoom. I also haven’t used the decals for the GN-X I made as well hahaha. Shield mount also has a mount for the bazooka for easy storage. Gotta love the weightlessness in space since the left arm will be fully packed.

Hyper Bazooka storing solid rounds I think. I find nothing really special with the hyper bazooka here, aside from being able to store it along with the shield. But that’s just me.

Wings where the fin funnels are stored. Also acts as a boosters of sorts I guess and a storage area for the beam sabers as well.

Funnels when they have been fully unfolded and as things that shoot out big lasers as well. Whats the difference between funnels and fin funnels aside from the latter being able to perform a shield?

Here we have the booster propellant finally attached to the back of the Gundoom. The Hi-nu Gundam actually has a shorter propellant, but I guess China has decided that the Gundoom is maneuverable enough to avoid its absurdly LONG propellant from being shot or slashed.

Finally attached it with the wings. Most drawings of the Hi-Nu is depicted with the wings folded back. I guess in battle this minimizes the risk of it getting damaged. But I prefer the unfolded one.

The unfolded wings make it look threatening and any enemy can tell that “Hey that’s a BOSS LEVEL GUNDAM!” LOL

The Hi-Nu Gundoom kit comes with “Wings of Light” effect parts which are pretty translucent enough to let some light through or for you to lightly paint on.

Gundoom looks like an angel of death this way. Reminds me of the O gundam actually hahaha. Specs-wise this was what the manual described as the “Monarch System” which allows Amuro better control over his funnels lol

As much as the wings of light parts make it look cool, I still prefer the Gundoom without them. It would’ve looked better on a sleeker design such as the HG from Banda, but the Gundoom is heavily detailed as it is already and doing so would make it look gaudy in my opinion.

Currently the Gundoom is stored this way on my shelf. Hope this review was able to educate readers and help them in their purchase decision whether to get this, or Bandai’s HG or MG version. If any of you are interested in a GN-X review, then just click here.

If any of you guys have any comments or suggestions just leave them in the comments box, I usually answer them as fast as I can anyway.

For the next review i’ll cover a scaled beauty from Guilty Gear Accent Core. Have you guys ever bought scaled figures based from a videogame or a fighting game in particular?

16 replies
  1. bd77
    bd77 says:

    I think my head just exploded… Quite detailed and… do I sense that you’d be doing a THIRD part for the action poses? XD

    To call this a HGUC is… is… wait, what HGUC, this is more like an MG~! O_O

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Oh God, i don’t think I have the energy to make a third portion for action poses. Hahaha. Yes its very detailed which made panelling a really gruelling task.

      Yeah, the only thing lacking in this Gunpla was an internal skeleton and we have ourselves an MG winner!

  2. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    … What the hell, I can’t think of another gundam with this high amount of weaponry other than may be the Strike Freedom.

    This looks really good, I think I like it more than your typical Hi-Nu models, then again I haven’t seen many High-Nu gundams. I agree with bd77, hopefully there will be a third part with action poses.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Try Heavy Arms customs, the thing is a walking powderkeg waiting to light up and shoot people.

      Third part? I guess i’ll make one as soon as i can get some backdrops =D

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      neither did anybody, at first the model kit was scoffed, laughed, and mocked at. Until someone built it and showed to everyone how awesome it was

  3. Fabienne
    Fabienne says:

    Oh cool that you was able to finish the kit that fast.
    This Gundoom looks really cool, I especially like the color combination and the armament of it.
    With the wings and the transparent parts it looks even more impressive.

  4. rubyvijudai
    rubyvijudai says:

    Dam this kit really look nice,look better than the HG and i would even say the MG at certain aspect.
    I hope this line would continue as i think it could be consider a bootleg yet not since they did a new plastic model from a resin cast .

  5. Luth
    Luth says:

    Lol, I love how the Gundoom basically exaggerated everything. Bigger boosters, more weapons. Not that I mind though. Bigger boosters = better always in my book. But damn, it looks like a lot of kit for your money and even with shiny wing parts. I like the colors too.
    6 hour straight build?! You are a champ. If I tried to line at 6am in the morning, there would be black squiggles all over my panels. Protagonist Gundams without beam sabers… Stargazer Gundam? But I guess that’s kind of cheating, it didn’t really have any weapons at all xP.


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