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One of my favorite figures from Alter, Momohime is a character from Muramasa: The Demon Blade. Muramasa was developed by Vanillaware and has been responsible for games like Odin Sphere and their latest game, Dragon Crown.

Been meaning to review this picture (especially since I never got this, Gwendolyn, and Mercedes). This figure isn’t even mine, but I’m still nonetheless happy to review such a fine figure.

Packaging looks relatively simple, but that’s prolly the only weakness that I see in a lot of Alter’s figures. Just the packaging, the figure and the base is pretty much awesome.

Though I have to say, despite the deceptively simple design I really love that white border and the fan shaped window there

Momohime figure comes with a sword, a scabbard with the hands for it, another arm/sleeve which I didn’t attach lol, the base, and the figure itself.

Instructions how to attach the other parts. Looks simple enough

To be honest I was amazed the first time I saw this figure, but I wasn’t into figure collecting back then when this was released. Thankfully, re-releases happen nowadays soI’m hoping this one (along with other vanilalware figs) get re-released once again.

Most of the pics I saw with Momohime were backgrounds of trees, bamboo thickets or anytyhing warm colored, so I decided to try something cool colored for a change 😛

Loving that demure look of her and I’m glad it was carried with perfect scuplting.

Even on 3/4ths and side view, the demure look is there to stay.

Aside from the great character design that George Kamitani imbued on her, Alter did a fine job in the folds of her costume.

I’m just not a fan of those seams found on her arms though D8. Other than that, everything is awesome.

In my opinion, the best point of this figure is the amount of detail that Alter refused to skip. From the flower ornament on hair and floral patterns on her clothes, upto the handguard of the sword and underneath her footwear, this figure does not disappoint when it comes to details.

Even her leg wrappings looked as if they were meticulously assembled. Big folds, small folds abound the leggins giving it a sense of authenticity unlike if the manufacturer jsut smply had big folds everywhere.

Because she lacks assets on top, I guess Kamitani had to give her some down there ^^;;;

Even underneath that clump of hair she has, you can still see lines there when Alter could have just made that portion flat. Props to alter for really putting detail EVERYWHERE

You can switch her hand and place her scabbard along in it.

Remember what I said about underneath her footwear? Yep. Such dedication.

I’m pretty sure If you guys checked out the other reviews, I have a thing for bases. I believe that this is the final piece to making the figure truly appealing, and Im ust say this is GREAT. Again, this figure is detail-filled to the brim that even the base is subject to that same treatment as well.

Due to the amount of care and attention placed in this figure, you can almost pose it (and take pictures) from any angle. May it be 3/4ths…

A side view

Or from the back (now that’s something)

Too bad I don’t own the figure, it belongs to a friend and I couldn’t resist taking pictures of this fine piece of art. I’m hoping they have re-releases (because the 2nd hand market is pricing her high at the moment) or a cheaper 2nd hand. I’m looking forward to the Elf figure from Dragon Crown and that goes to my autobuy list at the moment, for now I’ll hunt for the Mercedes and Gwendolyn figures 😛

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  1. Fabrice
    Fabrice says:

    She was my first ALTER figure when I got her when visiting japan, im actually suprised i managed to find her in the first place in mandarake although one of her eyes were off colour but not going to complain about that. Great figure and I just wished more figure companies would follow suit in making base like these, they just look more genuine and complete.

    • Anton Eduque
      Anton Eduque says:

      Ugh I recently went to Japan this April (will post pics within the month) and Mandarake was heaven. It was a miracle that I went out of the store empty handed. You should try visiting JUNGLE too, a lot of great finds for a good price as well!


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