White Elf Kalmia Project

Currently cleaning through a bunch of backlog so expect an entry once a week which is quite a miracle. Guess there’s something to be gotten from the quarantine happening due to the Corona Virus lockdown.

white elf 00

Enjoyed taking pics of the figure, so i hope you like the shots too. Will probably change the presentation later on, but for now I’ll be going over all the remaining backlog that I have. Also, since this one of those cast off figures again that i’ll be taking a look, so keep in mind that there will be NSFW by the latter half of the entry ^^

Completely unfamiliar with Kalmia project as I havent been buying any figures as of late (I think i only bought one during 2019 and it was an old model too). Based on checking, I think theyre fairly new, however it doesnt look like theyve been making a lot of new figures

white elf 01

Packaging is a wee bit odd I have to say. Usually the boxes of sitting figures tend to occupy a lot of space despite their posture since the manufacturers tend to try to make their product look extra premium by making it bigger when they really dont need to.

white elf 02

To be quite honest, I’m glad they didnt make the box needlessly tall giving collectors space to actually store the boxes.

white elf 03

The light green highlight on her clothes help accentuate certain curves by drawing the eyes in.Nothing hugely special in her clothes aside from the colors and how little it actually covers her.

white elf 04

white elf 04

I love how they painted her yes, the blush and and also how her mouth was detailed really well by adding a cave in.

white elf 06

Not her best angle imo ^^

white elf 08 08

Her hair is probably the biggest highlight (aside from her curves) as it adds some sort of movement or a story to an otherwise prone position that she has. Given that the hair is positioned mostly backwards, it might be best to place her in a somewhat lower area in the shelf, below eye level, to full enjoy the figure

white elf 09

white elf 10

If anything, I feel like the gold portions werent done well. It really felt like it was painted on which is a crying shame given that they wouldve simply added black outlines or further added a better gloss to further compliment our elven heroine in distress.

white elf 11

Nothing really special with the bow save for the texture that it seemingly has which I guess emulates wood. Also love the folds on her white clothing too

white elf 12

First item that you can remove is her cloak which looks more like tanned leather than some cloth. Nothing much to talk about, if anything I do suggest to leave something in between the flesh portions and the cloak to avoid paint transfers. Speaking of which, the cloak itself is the base btw ^^

white elf 13

White elf without the cloak. Not sure if i can push her head further in, and I’m scared of forcing it because i might break the peg or something. Kinda miffed at the gap there, they could have used the necklace/choker to help cover it really.

white elf 14

white elf 15

white elf 16

I like her backside sculpt, too bad you wouldnt normally display it with her back facing you.

white elf 17

After this it’s going to be the NSFW portion which check the full cast off sculpt.

white elf 18

The white elf looking extra vulnerable here despite being defiant. Sculpt-wise the curvature of the body is extremely eye pleasing but again my issue here is the neck.

white elf 19

white elf 20

white elf 21

I guess depending form where you view her face she looks either scared or pissed which adds more points to the figure.

whtie elf 22

white elf 23

Personally my favorite shot which really highlights the musculature found in the figure.

If you noticed, I’m not as vocal or as highly detailed in my written reviews as opposed to before (like 3 years ago before lol) and reason being is I will prolly let the pictures do the talking more moving forward. If there really is something I have to say light viewing angles or if i want to further stress certain things like the hair or a bad base, then I’ll call it moving forward

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