Arcadia Elin

Well at least that was a less than week’s worth of waiting till I had the time to make a new entry, and another figure review at that.

To be perfectly honest, this is the first time I’ve heard of Arcadia. I havent been familiar with most of their works and frankly after seeing this figure, I’m curious as to what they can pull off in the future.

I’ll be honest here, I hardly see regular-release figures with good consistency in details like this figure from Arcadia and a good paint job to boot. It’s 11 inches tall and will set you back 12,800 yen (tax excluded). Elin has been released last June 2013.

Elin is a character from a game called Tera: The Exiled Realms of Arborea. Though I have never touched the game, I do appreciate the awesomeness of the character design and the sculpt based from it.

If you’ll notice, the paintjob used in different portions of the figure varies from part to part. Her hair is somewhat polarized, while her scaly vest has a more glossy finish. She sitll has regular flat paint placed on her like with her eyes and her wand.

Love the eyes. Reminds me of Nia from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

They even added those small wedges on her eyes to make it seem furry without having to add extra detail that might ve ruined an otherwise awesome figure.

The grooves placed on the scale vest must have been a nightmare considering the glossy paintjob and the amount of dark gradient that has to be painted properly on it. Came out pretty nicely.

Loving the gradient paint found in her wand.

Waist and hips area were done quite nicely I must say. She must be uncomfortable with those really tight shorts though.

Yep, they’re tight alright. Skinw on’t be able to breath through those shorts @_@

Despite being minor. I really appreciate the gradient and paint job done on the knees. Since the figure shows mostly her waist and legs, it was a good call to also add something here instead of leaving it to the shadows left by the sculpt.

Base resembles a reflective steel plate more than a mirror than anything else because of the weight. Though I wasn’t able to try it out, it might be good to actually point a light source at it to make it look like as if light is coming from beneath Elin (ala magic circle).

Dem hips.

From here I will just play around with the camera and the figure ^^ I really should get a secondary lamp soon so I wont rely on one light source when taking photos (external flash). What about you guys, do you use flash or other external light source when taking figure photos?

This was by far my favorite shot, what about yours?

In future figure reviews I’ll probably get rid of the background and opt for just my desktop setup, but before that I’ll have to fix the paint job of my des. So in the meantime, enjoy the figure reviews with background images. I’ll still do some w/ monitor-BGs from time to time though ^^.

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Ah, the striperific Elins, how nostalgic to see them again, those days of playing Tera were nice. I do wish someone would have made a nice plate armor wearing Elin so that it could match mine as I played the Berserker class.

    Time to learn something new, Arcadia is not really a new player but rather an old player with a new name. For whatever business reasons Yamato renamed it’s figure side Arcadia.

    That aside, pictures look nice, for one light source they look great, you must be doing a good job bouncing off the flash.

    If you are interested you can take a look at all my ghetto set ups I been using over the years. Finding the resulting probably shouldn’t be too hard.


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