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After more than a year’s worth of waiting, Tales of Xillia has finally been sold to the market. Been dying to play this game the moment I saw it come out and the stunning opening it also had. I was actually  worried that Namco might also ‘pull of a Vesperia’ and release this in another console (besides PS3) and not bother localizing it (or not localize it at all). Glad that didn’t happen.

I actually waited until the release of the game before I even bothered reviewing the figure (or opening the box ^^;;). Really happy I waited for it because it inspired me to once again do figure photography (and update the blog >.>)

To be honest I would prefer if they reversed the colors: purple on front, green at the back. But i guess the ‘spirit’ theme that Milla stands for is best represented in green.

Instructions on how to put the sword in. I do suggest that people read the instructions first lest they break the sword, or worse the arm @__@

The entire set comes only with the figure, sword and the base. Most of the box space is occupied by the voluminous amount of hair she has.

I totally appreciate that Alter (the manufacturer of this figure) decided not to go with an action pose, but instead went with something more demure looking.

To add something more to this figure, giving Milla a sideward glance instead of straight on look makes it look more interesting. Also, it gives the figure another angle to look at from aside from front view. Besides, because of the figure’s design, half of the figure is blocked by her hair or by her raised sword arm.

The sculpt that Alter gave to Milla’s upper body looks really good, particularly her exposed waist. Personally, I have mixed feelings with the bindings all around her body. I guess it might have something to do with the story or be a representation of something else. Maaaaybe

And not as focused as much, but I like how they gave an extra effort in making the choker shiny and the folds on Milla’s top.

My biggest problem though are the tassels.Most of the tassels here look like a big fat clay string instead of a clump of strings. I’d let it go if they were ribbons, but tassels are supposed to have a rope like texture instead of something that looks like pasta D8

We can also see from this view that Milla really likes her clothes tight ^^;;

Again the tassels. Remember what i said about the sideward glance grants this figure other perspectives? Well this 3/4 view is one of them. Most of Millia’s left side is covered by those bindings if you’d notice and the left leg’s bindings has ridges on them which makes her gorgeous legs stand out even more. Also loving the crisscross pattern of her armwear as well.

One of the best parts of this character’s overall design is the green gradient hair she has. Really happy that Alter decided to use semi-transparent plastic on her than make it all solid colors to give it a softer look.

Milla has insane amount of hair and apparently it looks layered as well XD

Her skirt’s print design is also gradient and I guess this is where they got the purple-green theme as well perhaps?

A view from her right side. Lovely waist.

The skirt is movable as well. I was really surprised by this because when i first took her out of the box I thought she slipped from my hands =__= Scary experience really. I don’t know if it’s somehow removable.

Aside from Milla’s buns, it’s a pleasant surprise to see that even at the back of the figure, there was still something going on as well like the continuation of the skirt design and some fetters (i think) from her bindings.

Her sword is pretty normal looking minus the red to black gradient. Design wise, it’s a mix between a katana and steampunk saber hand guard. The wing motif is also present in the sword’s blade.

I personally find her boots to be too cute for her hahaha. Another thing i noticed here is that the pink aren’t exactly aligned on the inside, but that’s just me nitpicking (still not as bad as the tassels)

I love the pink base she has. Has a very glittery surface with an emblem on top it off it. Really tempting to put lights under them to see what would happen XD

I also managed to snag a copy of the Day One edition of Xillia. There was a DLC code in here for costumes and some more stuff in it as well.

Like a small character book

And a soundtrack. Why didn’t I get the collector’s edition with the figure? Well i prefer this figure over that from what i have seen XD

A lot of people say that this figure looks too simple for a great character like Milla, and I do agree. But the thing with simplicity is, if you decide to go simple you have to make sure that a lot of details from the paint job and quality control to the pose and simple gestures. Alter doesn’t disappoint (minus the tassels)in this aspect.

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