Saber Fate/Extra Sega Prize Review

This game has been keeping me preoccupied for the past two weeks such that I haven’t been able to blog much or reply to people lately. In the end, it was inevitable that I bought this figure the moment I saw it.

Okay, I wasn’t exactly the one who bought it. My friend told me “Hey, I havent given you a birthday gift yet have I? I’ll buy you any figure as long as it’s in the 1,000 peso range”. That’s around two thousand yen, and for those who think that they wouldn’t find anything nice with that budget, think again.

SegaPrize isn’t exactly synonymous to quality and I’d have to agree. Their paintjob is usually a mess and the poses their characters take are sometimes too boring that you’d think they were posing inside a coffin. However, once in a while we are treated to something nice from them at a very affordable price mind you.

First thing’s first, be careful of the paint. The paint isn’t exactly the ones that GSC or alter uses just from the smell of it. So be careful of placing this figure near anything hot as it may cause paint stains to occur more frequently or chipped paint.

I won’t get much into the details as to who Saber from Fate/Extra is. Definitely its not Arturia mind you, and I for one am grateful for that because this Saber’s personality is quite fresh (read: extravagant spender). Fate/Extra’s characters were drawn by Arco Wada while the noble phantasms were designed by huke, so the game by itself is a design treat for those who are interested with said artists. In fact, I think Saber’s Noble Phantasm beats Archer’s Unlimited Bladeworks in terms of execution AND theme song hahaha.

I swear the paint is somewhat reminiscent to poster paint or acrylic paint, but its pretty nice for paint like that.

Her gown’s folds and creases are still ‘soft looking’ and I have to hand it over to the painters for painting the gold lines very well.

I really dig the semi-transparent plastic being used here. I just wish it were more transparent and also less plasticky. The base might be boring, BUT it somewhat fits the entire ‘red’ concept. At least it didn’t look out of place or downright ugly.

Saber Extra’s outfit really looks sexy whichever angle you decide to view her from ^^;;

We also have a head you can exchange with. This head looks similar to Takeuchi’s artstyle, and I don’t think the stern expression fits Aka-Saber’s demeanor in the game. The stern looking face might be more of Arturia’s yes?

You can see SegaPrize’s prominent paintjob (or the lack of it) but it’s forgiveable in this case I think.

Tried placing her sword in. It’s not as easy as you think. I suggest removing the head first before trying to put it in.

Hmmm. I gues si really do prefer Arco Wada’s face over Takeuchi’s in this case.

It’s not such a bad buy for a budget figure and the bad paintjob can be easily be repaired by seasoned modders out there. I suggest getting this before stocks run out


If GSC makes a figure out of her, just like they did with Saber Lily, I dunno what to do hahaha. Oh well, right now I’m just waiting for my Caster (from fate/extra as well) that has been delayed to January already. ^^

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  1. Wieselhead
    Wieselhead says:

    I saw this red saber in Carnival Phantasm, quite funny ^^
    I prefer the Saber with altered personalities, I guess

    For this little money, it’s a nice good figure, especially from the back.
    Well this face looks a bit strange.

    I would prefer Clayz upcoming red Saber, Gift’s version looks also very good, but the less anime styled face is not my favorite one 🙂

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Hahaha the one you remove the ahoge. Thats the running joke with the saber alter lol.

      Yeah really affordable, the face might look strange because its not the same face you are used to ^^

      Gift’s version looks nice, but yeah, it doesnt capture her charm as much as the clayz does. I can’t see “extravagant spending emperor” anywhere near the figure

  2. exilehero
    exilehero says:

    These prize figures keep being way better than I expect. I don’t see what you mean about the paint job, looks fine to me. Though I understand that the paint might be more fragile than usual but should be fine as long as you take care if it right?

    Overall really nice. I want to get a prize figure now!

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Go git it nao hahaha XD

      If you look close enough, there are some stray paintmarks left. And the smell of the paint is really strong leaving this impression that its cheap acrylic.

  3. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Sega keeps impressing me their prize figures, given the proper expectations they deliver a good deal. This figure looks nice, someday I will get to play Fate/Extra so I can know what’s the deal with this Saber.

  4. tanoshimini
    tanoshimini says:

    For 2000 yen, this figure is definitely worth it. Sega prize figures tend to have quite good quality. I remember my asuka sega prize figure that I won

    Thanks for the pics, saber is looking lovely for 2000yen! surprised by the packaging for a figure that is only valued at 2000yen

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Yeah, they really placed a lot of thought and quality here despite the pricetag. Material wise, GSC is using the best ingredients to cook up the best figure they can possibly give, so i guess that justifies the expenses.

  5. Nopy
    Nopy says:

    I have to say, that’s a pretty good figure for that price. The face could use a little work, but the dress is something I would expect to see on a more expensive figure.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      I know right? Sega has been upping their game lately. It’s sometimes hard to tell nowadays if its made by an expensive manufacturer like GSC or an affordable one like Sega.

  6. Chi
    Chi says:

    Hello! I know this is an old post but I just want to say thank you for the review. I found her available for 800 yen but wasn’t sure if I should buy her or not. After reading your review I bought her right away! She just arrived and she is lovely. Thanks again!


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