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Type Moon, being the awesome people that they are,has decided that having Unlimited Bladeworks and KAra no Kyoukai animated was not enough. So they announced months ago that they’ll be animating Fate/Zero which will be shown on winter 2011! PV  means promotional video, not a health care video btw ^^;;

Fate/Zero is the prequel to Type-Moon’s popular series Fate/Stay Night and this time around the main writer for this series is Gen Urobochi, the same writer from Puella Magia Madoka Magica, so expect some tragic twist and turns here and there. Just so you know Urobochi finished writing F/Z years before Puella was aired, so you know he is very well seasoned in writing tragedies =D Yuki Kajiura is doing the sounds so yeah, expect awesome BGMs

As of writing, there is no youtube link yet to the PV, so I’ll leave you guys with the link to the website itself instead.

Fate/Zero Promotional Movie

You can pretty much tell that the air of Fate/Zero isn’t as high school-ey as Fate/Stay Night. What we have here are adult mages (and one pipsqueek young mage) who are dueling each other to the death for the holy grail, a prize to the survivor that can grant any wish.


Type-moon hyping more of their products, anyway for those who want some stills of the PV here they are:

Kiritsugu Emiya, the mage hunter. The man is a total bad-ass, but a very conflicted one which makes his tragic plight even more believable.

Ilya being Ilya =3 They are acorn hunting I believe. I do hope that even the small side events are covered by this animated rendition of this beautiful piece of work.

Thats not Ilya, thats her mom Irisviel. She plays one of the most crucial roles in this war and she’s the partner of Kiritsugu and Saber for this war.

Tokiomi Tohsaka, Rin’s dad. He looks conniving but…

We’ve seen this guy since Fate/Stay Night and he loves to call everyone a ‘mongrel’ ^^ Gilgamesh is the Archer class servant who is one of the “three kings” who appears in the war. His title is “King of Heroes” for being the very first king and for having the template of most of the current weapons that the heroes uses called ‘Noble Phantasm”.

Probably the manliest servant this show will offer. Rider is the alleged “King of Conquerors”. I’ll leave it up to you guys to guess his identity (not that he himself keeps it a secret =D)

Kiritsugu coming back to Japan after several years have passed.

Waver Velvett, Rider’s master. To say more would be a spoiler since this boy’s character development is very surprising through out the story.

The DUAL WIELDING Lancer. Yes thats right, he wields two lances. His noble phantasm might seem to be very weak compared to Saber’s, but he has proven time and again in the story that its how you use the weapon that counts.

Either a seemingly recently summoned Archer or he just came from…

Caster. Probably not the best guy to watch over you when you sleep or have your children being watch over.

Caster’s Master, Ryuunosuke Uryuu, gets along very well with his partner and you know what that means. I do HOPE that F/Z gets aired at around 1am because having these two in one show automatically turns anything into a guro-fest

This hot lady here is Kiritsugu’s right hand woman, Maiya Hisau. Jeez, Kiritsugu has Irisviel, Saber and Maiya, talk about being a middle-aged playboy.

Rin Tohsaka, still looking tsundere ever since she was a little wee lass.

Must be a chore to be the only person who understands a cold-blooded killer

Saber in her bodyguard attire. Looking better than the white casual clothing if you ask me =

You must be wondering why Saber looks pissed, scared, and fighting with only one arm =D


Novel was so awesome it had a soundtrack. Yes, a light novel getting its own soundtrack, imagine that! =D

For people who want to read the translated novels, you can check em out at baka-tsuki-net for all four chapter goodness of the fourth holy grail war

10 replies
  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    This has my interest, I only experienced the Fate/Stay Night anime so my knowledge of the franchise is limited. Still it was enough to say that I liked it, besides I will watch/play anything if I get to hear more of Yuki Kaijiura.

  2. Fabienne
    Fabienne says:

    I heard the news on monday, Im really looking forward to Fate/Zero
    You seem to be very well informed about it thx for the small informations.
    I hope Gilgamesh will be less overpowered than in the first anime ^^

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Hahaha i read the novel already thats why i’m kind of informed. Gilgamesh is still overpowered, but this time around he has a “bad match-up” namely Berserker. You’ll see why =D

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      It does, well the novels at least. From what i’ve seen in the trailer, i think they’ll put majority of the material in the anime

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      fate/zero’s atmosphere will be darker as its entire story is despair laden. but like urobochi said, there will always be that glimmer of hope (like star wars lool)


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