Fate/Zero Anime, Ending Sequence Snippets

I rarely talk about anime, but this one deserves a mention and I highly recommend it!

I’ve been waiting for almost 4 years for the prequel to get an anime the moment I saw the story. Been lurking around type-moon forum boards (particularly the Nvqsr forums) for translations of the chapters and I think it was last year only that the entire book was finished! Hurray hurray!

The fate/zero series was written by Gen Urobochi, the same man who wrote Puella Magi Madoka Magica, so expect loads of surprises and tragic things to happen.

The story this time isn’t so focused at Type-moon’s barbie doll, Saber, but on the entire war in itself. Fate/Stay Night viewers already have an idea on what will happen to the competitors of this Holy Grail War (much like how a lot of people enjoyed Crisis Core, a FF7 prequel story). The best portion of this series is that you can watch it without having any knowledge of the previous series, it’s a prequel after all.

So far only two episodes have been out and I’ll avoid talking about the episodes since other blogs have been doing it. (If I review it, I wont resist spoiling XD)

Best portion from what I’ve seen in this entire two episodes is believe it or not, the ending sequence. It may come across as shallow, but to someone who has read the novels this comes as a nice surprise. We get to see a side of the heroes during their era! Aoi Eir’s Memoria was spot-on, even if you can’t understand a damn thing the entire melody is nostalgic. I have to say it sounds both tragic and hopeful at the same time. Ironic, but that’s my take.

We usually see the cards with servants, but this time we see chess piece looking symbols. I guess it fits the entire theme because servants are tools to some of the masters in this series. But in some cases, the roles are reversed

By this episode, everyone should have seen that Rider is Iskander the Great (aka Alexander the great).

Fans of the series know who Archer is and quite frankly I’m surprised that he knew about that hieroglyph behind him depicting him as a bearded man. By the third episode, Tokiomi will reveal who Archer is if the naime follows the book XD

I just had to stitch together this image of Lancer and Gráinne. You can find out more about this lady killer’s identity over here.

This guy was the inspiration to another novel called “Bluebeard”. He’ll have issues with Saber later on considering everyone thought Saber was Joan of Arc at first (and she kinda fits the role).

One of the Assassins. All Assassins take up the name of the founder. Despite what you see in episode 2, you’ll be surprised at what this Assassin really is all about. This 4th holy grail war really makes Emiya Shirou’s war look like nothing after all the servants show what they’re capable of O_O

Berserker. Here is a clue to his identity: he is standing in front of a LAKE. If you still can’t identify who he is you can check him up here.

Surprised that I saw this last portion of Saber slaying Mortred (which already is a major clue as to her identity). I was expecting something like her sitting on a throne or the day she took up Caliburn. I am impressed at how ufotable wanted to portray Saber in this prequel as the victim instead of the hero.

Whats even more interesting is that the images that you see here were all well-researched! Pics and realization c/o: http://yaraon.blog109.fc2.com/blog-entry-4499.html

Oh hey this looks familiar =D

Archer still has a beard here hahaha

That tree with Grainne! Takeuchi’s drawing of her makes her look a lot younger than how i pictured her.

I guess you could say this was the painting before Joan died.

A depiction of Hassan I Sabbah.

From ‘the death of king arthur’. Havent found any pics of Berserker’s pic either =D

If anyone wants to read up on Fate/Zero I suggest checking baka-tsuki’s website. The novel offers more information which the first two episodes didn’t take up. It’s not really a must-know info, but it’ll VASTLY increase your appreciation for the series.

I won’t talk much about the series anymore, because I really am having a hard time resisting fan-gasm-ing and spoiling everyone of things to come. Enjoy!

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  1. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    Ah thats such a great show so far.
    Thx for giving all the side informations about the servants, they are pretty awesome so far, aside from Caster crapface ^^
    It seems like the Rider class will be a lot stronger this time.

    Gilgamesh was pretty cool I hope he won’t be terminated in the next episode.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Frogface Caster.
      Rider class was always strong, in FSN’s Sakura route (heaven’s feel) Rider was operating at 100% thanks to her real master’s orders. Shinji was just lol
      Gilgamesh sticks around, even upto FSN =D

  2. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Quite interesting that the identities are being revealed so fast and easily, then again it’s not like they where ever hidden.

    I should get around to start watching Fate/Zero, specially given the writer. Saya no Uta was quite a fun experience for me.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Saya no Uta was disturbing AND awesome! I think thats one of the animes that needs to be aired at 12:00am also like F/Z. Try watching, its good stuff. More mature storyline than F S/N

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Hahaha yeah. Lancelot’s picture has a similarity to another picture but i decided not to post it because despite having exactly the same pose, it was a different person altogether (i think it was belvidere there)

  3. Nopy
    Nopy says:

    I’m really liking the series so far. It’s a lot more “grown up” compared to FSN. Thanks for identifying all of the servants, I really had no clue who assassin was.


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