Saber Lily –Disassembled

I’m pretty sure some of you are curious enough to inspect your figures and notice that some portions look like they are removable. I’m sure you’ve seen this boot leg of Saber Lily ~Everdistant Utopia~ lying on my work table from some of my figure reviews already and its about time we get to take a peek of what’s under all that tough exterior of hers ^^

First of all, before any Saber fan sends me hate mail, please do note that this figure is a bootleg figure that costs probably around P1000 (that’s around Y2000) and one of my friends gave this figure to me for free. I’ve been wanting to experiment on this ever since I got it.

Being the bootleg that it is, the material used is so substandard that the legs are already bending due to humidity. You don’t see that happening to the original I’m sure.

She bends so much its like she’s playing limbo with a really stiff skirt.

The legs have bent so much that she doesn’t fit the beg holes anymore. At least her legs don’t look so twisted to the point that she doesn’t look presentable anymore.

Oh and her skin easily gets a tan when exposed to too much light. This saber was a hand me down, and my friend didn’t exactly keep her clean (tucked her away in a dark corner), so some of the dust caught on to her clothes, particularly the semi-transparent skirt.

Lets start. First I had to spot the ‘soft portions’ of her armor. The places that connect one piece to the other. You can just super glue em right back up.

So that’s type-moon’s barbie girl without the skirt armor

And here is a picture of her skirt armor.

Again, same applies to her chest plate. You just have to look for those weak points.

Saber Lily starting to look like the wonfes version now.

Took a while to remove this, but it looks like the figure isn’t built as a solid piece at all. I wonder if GSC’s is also a solid piece, any idea?

Time to remove the upper skirt.

And off her inner skirt goes, which reveals her kingly undergarments.

The hands are the easiest to detach.

The clothing she has over her shoulders are definitely hard to remove. I had to actually cut them to remove them. I’ll prolly have to paint over the cut portion to create a seamline for it. Or I could just not place it back because it looks better that way XD

Here are all the parts of the bootleg Saber Lily

Despite being a bootleg figure she still manages to look really pretty and sexy right here.

I hope this enlightened people on the (questionable) quality of bootlegs (those legs D=) and how you can just purchase them for modding purposes. Speaking of which, any idea on how I should mod this Saber to make it look more appealing or different? The only idea I have in my head is a samurai-like Saber.

How i wish there was a bootleg for Alter’s Dizzy! I wanna color it white!

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  1. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    Im surprised that she looks so pretty, as the cheap bootleg she is.
    The sculpting of her upper body seems to be very good when looking at her armpits and cleavage. I actually like her the most without the armor parts.

    have you tried to bend these legs back into position ?

    I would like to see a mobile suit Saber with mecha armor ;D

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Quite the pretty bootleg isnt she? Yep really loved the upper half of her body. As for those legs, i heard that i can boil the figure to soften her up. Havent tried it out yet myself.

      Hmmm mecha saber is a good idea too XD

  2. Nopy
    Nopy says:

    Interesting to see how the figure is put together. I’m pretty sure that they take an original and make molds out of it before making the bootlegs, so the pieces should be similar to what GSC has.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Nah i knew from the start it was a bootleg and it was given to me by a friend for free XD

      Oh and she isn’t supposed backward like a character from the matrix. Talk about cheap plastic


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