1/8 Samurai Tamaki Kousaka review

Hmmm its been another week of zero blogging, or twitter or any form of social media and I’ve been itching to write articles during that time. I was able to find some time in between a lot of stuff, and what better way to spend the time than by ogling reviewing an awesome figure.

This version of Tamaki comes from Manaka de Ikuno!! Final Dragon Chronicle -Guilty Requiem-. The game puts the To Heart 2 cast in an RPG-fantasy setting of sorts. I can’t explain past the game, since I haven’t played it, but the character designs are charming enough to make people want to get a figure (even if they haven’t played the game yet) ^^

First of, special thanks to my comrade, Pete, for allowing me to review this figure. Some figure collectors I know have this thing about wanting to open the box first before anyone else, but my buddy here allowed me the first opening. To be honest, the packaging may have this dungeon feel, but it wasn’t as enticing as the figure in it. Other than the packaging design and my total hatred for Kotobukiya’s “sticky plastics”, my attention is now focused on that circular hole in the plastic located in front of the figure’s face. Any guesses what its for?

I think the best view of Tamaki would be the front view for, ahem, obvious reasons XD

This figure was obviously designed to showcase the front view alright. I’m digging the skimpy samurai-bondage design here, but I believe there were other designs that could have been made by Kotobukiya (or Volks)

The pose isn’t seductive as her costume may imply. In fact, I think its charming and it brings out some of the character’s cheerful personality to light here.

Despite being simple in design, the hair ornament, choker, head band and symbol on her chest didn’t give off a feeling that it was cheap. All parts after all, should compliment one another and not vie for attention individually. Fun fact, while taking pictures of this figure, my camera’s AF kept focusing on certain prominent parts. I’d have to say this figure was a challenge for various reason ^^

The hair was one big clump, except her twin tails which were separate clumps. However, like I said this figure was about complimentary parts and if this were a painting, I’d say it was balanced design.

Waist was sculpted beautifully. I guess it suits the dungeon feel very well if her abs were toned a bit just like this instead of a flat one

The waist armor is movable, but I still have yet to discover its use ^^

Kind of amazing how awesome these sculptors took every small detail into account and when I mean the detail I meant the fat and muscle that protrude when you are wearing something tights. Case in point, the thighs. The criss-crossing of the strings do not look like paint marks but really look like it was sculpted there as well

Sword and sheath are removable and interchangeable on both hands. However I don’t think you can put the sword inside the sheath.

That base. Despite being clean and …white, I do wonder why didn’t they just go for a dirty grey with some cracks to make it look like a pavement of sorts. For a 8,000yen figure, I think it should have something like that in it.

This figure is on my Christmas wishlist along with several other figures. Have you guys ever bought a figure from an anime or game which you haven’t watched/played yet, but the character design made you buy a figure of it?

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  1. Wieselhead
    Wieselhead says:

    Nice pictures of Samurai Tamaki

    Kotobukiya always gives their figures such cute faces and this Tamaki seems to be no exception.
    She looks a bit like a kitten with her friendly mouth expression ^-^
    The design of her outfit looks beautiful, the purple gloves and the stockings are especially nice
    I guess the waist armor can be taken off, for fanservice reasons ^^
    Her body also seems nicely sculpted, I like the soft look of her uncovered parts.

    Mhh I really liked what I saw here, I feel quite tempted to get her 😉

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Buy it already (and the rest of the cast while you’re at it XD) you know you want to~ hahaha. She actually has a red version as well, you might want to take a look at that before buying her.

  2. exilehero
    exilehero says:

    They probably put that whole there so you can get a better look at the face from outside the package.

    She looks very cute, thought I’ve never played the To Heart series or any of the spin-offs. I know exactly what you mean by the little bump of flesh that happens in the thighs, I love it when they put that in, really sexy.

    Maybe that armor is removable? No idea why they just leave it there hanging. Maybe it’s cheaper to not glue it.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      My problem with that hole is that she is exposed to dust or whatever XD

      The armor might be removable, but we havent tried taking it off yet. Her design is already as fan service-y as it gets to me hahaha

  3. Nopy
    Nopy says:

    I love the sculpting and the small details in the armour (thought there’s not much of it). The fact that your camera focused on certain parts just means the sculptor did his job right 🙂

    Yes, I have bought figures from anime/games I’ve never seen/played simply because of the character design.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Ahahaha yeah, despite having minimal armor, the pieces left there were still made wonderfully. Mah, another hard part is that Tamaki’s hair is red. When your camera is on autofocus, it picks up red faster than other colors sometimes.

  4. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Man this series of figures made me go why? Then I learned about the RPG spin off and was still asking myself why? Makes no sense how stuff like this comes about.

    The figure looks nice, my only complaint is that you can barely tell Tamaki is supposed to be a samurai.

    I have a figure once before I knew anything about the character. I then proceeded to watch the Kara no Kyoukai movies to learn all about Shiki. Boy was I glad I bought the figure and ended watching them.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Hahaha I think there are other figures of Tamaki from different job classes such as the fighter, but the samurau i think is the most…revealing i guess XD

  5. biotoxic
    biotoxic says:

    These Dungeon Traveler ToHeart girls are good fun. It replaces the relatively boring school uniforms they all wear and gives them sexy adventurer outfits. Tamaki in the Samurai outfit is nice – but I prefer her two scythe forms. The darker colours and badass weaponry is more interesting to look at. It’s just too bad they don’t have figures of them available.

    Kotobukiya have done a great job with Tamaki here. As minimalist as her outfit is the details on what is there looks good. Do you / your friend plan on getting the other Dungeon Traveler girls from Kotobukiya?

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Two scythe forms? Hmmm I’ll take a look. I agree that replacing school uniforms with these RPG-esque costumes does bring a sense of freshness to the table here ^^

      My friend is getting the Volks from Dungeon Travellers. I’m planning on getting the Kotobukiya ones someday


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