MG 1/100 Gundam Qan[T]

It’s nothing short of a miracle that I’ve actually finished this gunpla after 7 months from the day I bought it

I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I can with the blog thanks to work and my lackluster level of motivation. As much as I wanted to post something, I really didn’t feel like posting anything at all because the content might turn out to be irrelevant or uninspired if you will. But anyway, enough of that; lets have a look-see with what this gunpla has in store.

That’s a lot of runners, which is pretty prevalent among all MGs anyway ^^, and I guess that was the biggest demotivator as to why I didn’t do this immediately XD It’s like seeing a stack of work, you either a.)get it over with, or b.) till next time

Here we have the mechanical skeleton of the Qan[T]. Unlike the GN-X wherein the head actually had a skeleton inside, the Qan[T] doesn’t have one giving it an impression that its hollow. I didn’t place the fin or other parts of the head yet here to give it the bare look.

Nowadays, taking pictures actually help me in checking my work. It allows me to see stray lines so I can sand them over or use an alcohol solution to just wipe it off.

I didn’t bother paneling every portion of the skeleton anymore, unlike the GN-X, because I’m going to display it with the armor anyway. But some people when they display their MG gunpla they remove bits and pieces of the armor or use clear parts instead.

Just finished attaching the head armor, boy armor and some of the ‘green glass casing’ found on top of the GN condensers.

It’s really amazing that the MG level is able to achieve this amount of balance. My first week of assembling the Qan[T] and this is the progress I’ve made still had to fix some stuff from it during the second week. I had to reapply topcoat especially on two blue portions of the leg armor DX

Week 2 and I’ve finally made further progress starting with the arms and the backpack. A few nib marks here and there which I was too lazy to remove because its hard to see when you display it in your room. But I did remove the really offensive ones already. Not aiming for perfection here, just regular satisfaction from completing a gunpla.

Decided to give you guys some pictures of the GN Sword V without the beam gun and the armor portions.

Finally finished everything, which includes the 2nd GN Drive on the side where the GN sword bits also rest. I really dig the Qan[T] because it combined the two things that were awesome to see in both the Exia and the OO Gundam. I’m sure Gundam viewers here the resemblances on both units can be found on the Qan[T]

The GN-Sword V, fully armored, in both gun and sword form. Sorry I wont be making any poses with the Qan[T] because I felt you’ll be seeing the same pose with the other sword bits on the Qan[T]’s hands. That and the blue portion connected to the arm kinda gets in the way.

Cockpit fully opened with its pilot, Setuna F Seiei inside. I’ve never bothered painting the pilots since it needed some level of craftsmanship in painting small details.

The GN Sword combined with the sword bits to form a big beam cannon/rifle of sorts.

The rifle cannon is so heavy that it needed its own stand so that the arms wont fall off or swing downwards.

Here we have it on its sword mode, a really really long and huge sword mode at that XD

The sword bits can also be held on hand which acts as remote mobile melee weapons of sorts, that can combine with the GN sword AND it can also create impenetrable barriers at the same time.

I think these sword bits can also be held as tonfas as well since the end of the swords also have an edge on the end.

I prefer the long swords the most because they look really sleek compared to the others that seemed to feel compartmentalized.

The left arm of the Qan[T] houses the GN shield which can fire beams and recharges the GN sword bits as well. One entire GN Drive is dedicated to this I guess and it makes you wonder what would’ve happened if the Qan[T] was set for elimination instead of making friends with shapeshifting aliens.

Here you can have the shield combine with the main unit’s GN drive to access the quantum burst (aka Wave of Mutual Understanding XD)

Tried to recreate the quantum burst scene but sadly I can’t pull out the GN drive from the front nor can I pull out the big GN condenser found on the leg. Once you pop in some parts the condensers wont come out anymore or not as easy as before.

I also bought a green transparent base just because it looked like it’ll fit the Qan[T] and the stand found with the gunpla didn’t seem to fit with my taste XD

I really enjoyed making this since I wasn’t going for COMPLETE PERFECTION but I was vigilant enough to clean the unit again after the photoshoot. I also felt that the plastic used was flimsy that it led to a broken part inside the GN shield. Other than that, it was fun to make. Any plans on making gunplas? Even the HG ones that are faster and easier to make?

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6 replies
  1. bd77
    bd77 says:

    That’s a whole lot of picture spamming… >.>

    Nice inner detail all round buuut~ the most “important” question:
    Would you be fallen for the MG OO Seven Sword? XD

  2. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    So many single parts, I think I would have given up after just unpacking the kit XD

    And you turned it into a splendid looking gundam model, Quan[T] looks so cool, the condenser(?) parts with the clear green parts are a nice touch. Judging from your pictures this model seems to have a good poseability.

    When looking at these big weapons I’d rather seen how this gundam destroyed the aliens instead of trying to be kind, Ah I shouldn’t ignore the message behind gundam 😛

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Ugh tell me bout it. Seeing all those parts were a major bummer which is why i put off building this for months. D= Yep the model kit has awesome poseability and balance as well.

      I also wanted to see a Qan[T] going on a war rampage mode or something like that as well XD


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