Gunpla from the past

The title should really be “What not to do with Gunpla”. You’ll figure it why as you go through the blog entry.

First of all, I would like to say the above pic isn’t mine. It’s a pic from hobby link japan and I am aiming to build an MG 1/100 Gundam 00-Qan[T]. Its been a long time since I’ve even considered buying gunplay, and after watching the most recent gundam movie, my interest for gunpla has been rekindled.

Gundam Nataku was the very last 1/100 HG I got around ten or eleven years ago, now that’s a long time ago XD. As you can see, there is still so much room for improvement in my gunplay skills.

The arms still have runner bits all around them. I was fourteen or fifteen back then, and sadly my patience and attention span, would make fleas cringe DX

The legs were even worse, runner bits everywhere

Oh look boosters, nowadays we have condensers that emit particles from Gundam 00.

Even the fin and fangs have runner bits all over the figure. Lesson learned: Sanding.

This is the most recent (around five or six years ago mind you ^^) Gundam I got. The 1/144 Strike Freedom leaves much to be desired, but its pretty decent. I was able to do clean some runners away, but there were still some bits left. Didn’t place topcoat on it because I didn’t even know much about topcoats.

I really didn’t appreciate the fact that the guns and the railguns didn’t have any paint or stickers at all. The golden joints didn’t even have any luster to it at all. Maybe semi-gloss topcoat can solve the problem though.

Lesson learned from the HG 1/144 Talgeese III, never paint your gunplay with permanent markers, it doesn’t work, at all. Did this figure same time I did the Nataku.

Still had the runner problem back then *sigh*. At least I can salvage the gun if I do intend to kitbash the equipment with something else.

Another don’t do not use painting acrylic on gunplas as well. The brushstrokes will show. This was the first Gundam that I ever tried to mark the grooves (what was that term again?) HG1/144 Gundam Wing Zero Custom’s traditional colors bored me after seeing too many blue red white Gundams that all look alike.

And this is what I means with paint brush strokes. Also was fourteen or fifteen back then. Gundam Wing was still the hype back then in the Philippines.

A modified 1/144 Gundam Double X, this isn’t even HG, its one of those Normal grade gundams.

Decided to paint the eyes blue, and took the Gundam Airmaster’s twin rifles and turned them into something that resembled the Freedom Gundam’s holster guns. Tried to paint the entire suit again with acrylic and I still suffered the same runner problem back then. The rifle attachment on the shield is from the Zeta gundam’s rifle btw.

The most serious work I’ve probably done with gunplay was attaching the Zeta Gundam’s Tail Booster (or fin) to the Double X. I only used a knife for this.

I really tried to come up with something like the Freedom Gundam’s Hi-MaT system. Failed much. I’m thinking if I do decide to redo this gundam, should I salvage the Freedom’s wings for this instead?

Does anyone know of any solution that can remove acrylic paints from gunpla without melting the plastic?

Well, the Qan[T] is the goal, but before getting to that I’ll try to make a GN-X first. And before the GN-X I might try doing an Exia Avalance Gundam or an Astraea Gundam. I want to sort of convince myself that I can do my very first Master Grade Kit, by graduating first from the High Grade ones.

I’ll be posting pics of the Gundam’s and the work in progress as soon as I can ^^

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  1. bd77
    bd77 says:

    Oh… My… God… You also tried to coloured the TallGeese 3? And yes, I made a very big sin (in gunpla painting) as I painted the blue parts with… You guessed it, blue acrylic paint, with a brush…
    Well, that was, what, 10 years ago when I first bought him (and near non-existent info on gunpla colouring).

    Wow, I though my Gundam Double X was bad… v_v

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      I painted the entire Gundam Double X and the Wing Zero Custom with acrylic lol. I have to somehow repair them, know any way to take out the acrylics?

      • bd77
        bd77 says:

        Sadly no.

        Here’s the biggest joke: I’ve painted some of them using a mixture of… poster colour and paper glue. It worked at first, but after several days, the paint peeled off… orz
        That was… 10 years ago.

      • Zeon_Two_Six
        Zeon_Two_Six says:

        Try using thinner, alcohol, or acetone for that.

        BTW, didn’t know…

        – You had some HGFA model kits from the Endless Waltz line;
        – You have a Strike Freedom that’s unpainted; AND
        – You’re a Filipino Gunpla blogger… (I think.. XD)

        … Adding you to my blogroll, buddy… XD


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