Saturday GN-X and dvds

Work has been pretty hectic really, and luckily I’ve been able to find some time last Saturday to buy stuff I needed.

No that’s not some cheap RPG boss who only has half its body, that’s actually the frame of an MG 1/100 GN-X. I’ve decided to “redeem” myself of my previous gundam escapade and try to start anew.

Bought a 0.03 copic marker that really didn’t help at all (the ink conked out early in the building process D=<). Got myself a flat topcoat to finish off the gunplay since I won’t be painting it anyway and some sandpaper (1500 grade) to remove the nib marks from the runner. Even bought an eraser and thumbtacks per instruction of the sandpaper, which I didn’t get to use hahaha.

Also invested in a pair of Tamiya hobby cutters. It really comes in handy by the way and for those future enthusiasts of gunplay, I do recommend in investing in one rather than using scissors or the plain old “bend till it gets removed” method. The gunplay looks cleaner and there is little sanding involved.

Took out some of the armor parts first and inked them. I didn’t want to spray them while on the frame because I really want the GN-X to look topcoatted all over. I’ve also reserved an MG QanT, so you can say this GN-X is like my initiation rite of sorts.

After two days of building, I’ve finally completed the frame of the GN-X. I haven’t “closed the parts yet, because I have yet to topcoat the frame. I’d prolly do it over the weekend so keep looking to see more updates.

Also bought 20 Pieces of empty Phillips DVD+Rs from CD-R king. My HD is about to burst so I needed to get rid of 80 gig of files without deleting them

Yes, you can probably say I’m obsessive compulsive that I need to label my DVDs with stickers instead of pentel pen. ^^

And this weekend, I’ll be spending quality time labeling all the unlabelled DVDs here, and there are 136 DVDs that are waiting to be labeled, woe is me T^T. Do you guys use DVDs for storage like me or do you buy several EHDs (external hard drives) instead.

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  1. bd77
    bd77 says:

    Oho, the MG GN-X, eh. One of the more interesting looking grunt MS kits around, IMO. =D

    As for storage, I also bought blank discs for archiving purposes, be it anime series or… (to be expected) seasons of Top Gear (UK).

    Spending quality time labeling. XD
    I just use my favourite brand of CD/DVD markers for that which also be used for… gunpla panel lining (as it has a broad and fine tips at the ends).

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      What sort of marker do you use for gunpla panel lining? I’m going to have a QanT and the lining would be more apparent because of the whiteness versus the greyness of the GN-X

      • bd77
        bd77 says:

        As finding any modeling markers are hard to come by locally, I resorted to using the Artline Dual-Nib CDR / DVD Marker for my lining purposes. The black is rich black and if there’s any oppses, I just use any erasable whiteboard marker to clean out my mistakes. (painted the mistake line/smudge with the whiteboard marker then wipe it off with a cloth).


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