Indestructible 2011

P2D hosted not just one but three tournaments during their event called ‘Indestructible’ held at the Emporio plaza, last August 20, 2011.

As some of the readers here know, I’ve been working with fighting game related events over the past year and I’ve been primarily working with the Blazblue Community. This is the first time I’ve had the chance to work on something exclusively non-Blazblue related so it was quite the experience really being able to meet different people from the usual.

P2D, that’s pinoy2dfighters, were the masterminds behind this event and it was originally meant to be a Super Street Fighter 4 arcade edition tournament with a Mortal Kombat tournament on the side. Team X-Over joined in as well to deliver a Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament to create a bigger event than what was originally intended. You can check P2D at

I’d like to thank team X-Over for inviting me to work with them throughout the event. Nice bunch of people and rest assured that the team has more events in store for you which I honestly think will propel the entire fighting game scene further.

It’s totally amazing to see a bunch of people, like around 5 to even 20 people crowd around a unit just to watch a match. It gets even more crowded when the finals are up next.

Met people such as friends, Rick Lo and Fredmond Lo, an organizer from Shadowloo Australia (sorry Dave I didn’t get to take your picture man) and an OJT-er from my office who was surprisingly playing MK9 lol

Like I said, Mortal Kombat 9 was one of the tournaments of the day and I have to say that this game has been slowly getting some hype in the Philippines. I remember my days as a wee lad when I used to play Mortal Kombat 2 in the SNES and I was thankful that I Kano wasn’t on it because his fatality scared me XD. Didja guys play any MK back then?

Here we have Marvel vs Capcom 3, can’t wait for the Ultimate version coming out on November. I wonder which character will people be complaining about after Sentinel v.1, Phoenix and Wolverine. Got a 3-2 record in the entire tournament using a Dante-Sentinel-Phoenix team. Not bad, I think. Who is your favorite marvel or capcom character that you want to be in the game?

And of course we have Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. I find myself playing more and more of this game lately with the increased speed in the arcade edition. Sadly, my Ryu wasn’t able to survive in the tournament XD

The SF tournament utilized a pooling system which involved dipping your hand inside a box full of starved rats. Whichever rat bit you will dictate which pools you belong. (there were colored balls inside, not rats). Got the ‘green’ pool. There was a lol colored pool there as well called ‘brownish-yellow’ (or was it yellowish brown) pool.

Players and tournament organizers were also able to rest at some point by allotting some space for the participants. The lady in Iggy’s store suggested that next time we should just Indian sit on the floor or something to that effect, hmmm why not? XD

The X-over team were in charge of the MvC3 tournament and there were allotted tasks for everyone. I got to be photographer and part-time marshall at some point and a bit of announcing on the side XD

Here we have the P2D members giving directions on how the tournament flow will go for the street fighter tournament.

P2D is also selling shirts as well. You can also get a free picture with this lovely model as well to even things off XD

We had to use videocams to take recordings of the event because you can hardly find Hauppage (that’s the brand) recording devices in the Philippines and they cost a lot as well XD

Team X-Over doing some commentating. And beside me is Rison de Vera, Dralnu, who is another great MvC3 player. Sadly he was eliminated before the finals.  To his right is my friend, Kyle Lim who is also into Street Fighter 4 as wellToo bad we didn’t get to see matches from him.

Mortal Kombat grand finals, and everyone is so hype watching the match between Reptile and Kung-Lao. Awesome matches to both players and I never realized how unpredictable Reptile can get at the hands of a good player.

Afterwards we had a little side tournament between two players in Super Street Fighter(Peej vs Valdez). The winner gets to keep their hair, loser will have a free haircut, right on the spot! You can tell who was high on sodium from this picture.

Finally we had the grand finals for the MvC3 tournament here and Papable Peter was taking names and owning people as usual. Sadly I wasn’t able to stay long since I had to leave at 9:30pm for other things. I hope that whoever won the SSF4AE tourney didn’t use a Fei-long, Yun or Yang XD

That’s me on the right with the funny eye after days of sleep deprivation XD The person on the left is Raf, great commentator and the guy who help me make an english translation for the entry form of the wonfes photo competition.

Before I go and leave you guys with the other pics from the event I’d like to plug in the store in Iggy’s building that sells awesome Sansrival and Barq’s Rootbeer. I’ve yet to see a 24-hour store or even a supermarket that sells Barq’s. The Sansrival was really creamy but not too creamy that it’ll make me sick of it X

Note: I didn’t include ALL the pictures here such as the ‘hair-raising tourney’ as its really salt inducing. If anyone really wants it, just comment here, email me or message me in the forums ^^

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