The Order:1886 and Bloodborne Event

One of the things that I’ve been into, and I don’t think I’ll get tired of it anytime soon, are videogames. I’ve been playing games since I was a wee laddie so being part of these events is a real treat.

The Order:1886 and Bloodborne are games exclusive to the Playstation 4. The former is a game that is pretty much similar to Gears of War. Bloodborne (which was my main goal hahaha) is pretty much like Dark Souls, but without the concept of shielding and it’s much faster compared to the Souls series.

Managed to come in on time. Met the Playstation crew along with one of their PR officers in charge of the event, Miss Dianne. She’s really nice and was patient to answer all the questions of the gamers there prior to entry!

Was able to get in first thanks to being part of the media. Wanted to take pictures of the venue before the start of the event. The venue is in Imperium and I’ve had some articles about some of the events that were held here which I participated in (specifically the fighting game tournaments).

Were there Playstation button symbols here the entire time? It’s been a year and this is the first time I’ve seen them.

Making his appearance, all the way from Japan, is Mr. Naito Arata who is the Asian Regional Marketing Manager for Sony Playstation. As someone from advertising/marketing, I really look up to him especially since he was responsible for promoting games like Uncharted, and the best game in the PS3 and 4: THE LAST OF US. Marketing is an important function in business since you need your consumers to try your product even once. Once they’ve tried it, it’s up to the product itself if the trial will convert to a purchase which will hopefully transform into consumer advocacy.

I actually managed to talk to him for quite a good amount of time. Learned some stuff about Last of Us being a challenging game to make a sequel for. If you ask me, it’s hard to outperform a near perfect game like it and ensuring that fans aren’t underwhelmed as well. Arata-san jokingly said I should try writing the story for Last of Us 2 ^__^;;

Arata-san explains to us what each game hopes to envision and the studios that Sony has in which some of them were involved. I won’t be posting the entire presentation here since I’m sure some people already have taken pictures of them like during Taipei Game Show.

Order:1886, DEMO START!

Helping Arata-san was Myrtle Gail who is a cosplayer and an actress in the Philippines. She’ll be demo-ing both The Order:1886 and Bloodborne. For those interested to see what other cosplays she did, you might want to check her Facebook or her twitter account.

Up next we have Bloodborne, which is another unforgiving game made by FROM SOFTWARE. How I wish this segment was a livestream/Skype call from Japan, complete with question and answer portion though.

After the demo playthrough by Arata-san and Myrtle, I actually got to be the first guy to play Bloodborne in the Philippines (and the first one to die). I have to say, the game plays very similar to the Souls series, down to the controls (except X being the ok and circle is now the cancel button). It’s a much faster and more offensive-oriented version of it’s older brothers, but just as exciting as them.

We were only given 10 minutes. If anyone manages to go through the stage and kill the boss gets a free Bloodborne shirt. Sadly I didn’t manage the feat, but really happy that someone actually did beat the boss. Two of them I might add!

There are four pre-made characters for the demo. Personally, I love the dual wielder in this demo since you can take advantage of the Rally system.

The guys from PinoyPS were also present here. Actually there were others from the gaming community who came to the event as well. Arata-san was pleased to see that there were fan-communities in this country dedicated to the Playstation here! Props to Adrian for bringing his PPS shirt!

You can see how biased I am with the amount of pictures I have of Bloodborne versus of The Order: 1886 hahaha

Oh right, I managed to win some goodies from last night and was actually the first to get called out. Last night’s luck stat was buffed up it seems! Goodie bag included some mugs, a calendar and a tape set from Playstation’s 20th anniversary.

This is my favorite among the goodies. Sadly I already have a mug I always use.

Really honored to be part of the event. Gave me more ideas on how to go about with booths and events which I plan to help out or lead in the future. Hopefully Sony comes out with more events like these, especially since big titles like Final Fantasy XV and Street Fighter V are the games that a lot of people are looking forward to here in the Philippines!

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