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Sorry for the delay. Right after I got home from Singapore I had to deal with a lot of paperwork and other things that instantly piled up in the last five days I was gone.

First of, I’d like to thank you guys for continuously checking out this new website. Ever since I switched from duqs.wordpress.com to actigrade.com the amount of views dropped, thankfully it’s been growing. It’s been a year since this site opened up, and I do look forward to another year with everyone! Anyway, on with the review!

Lately I’ve been buying figures left and right from the preowned section of Amiami, because I liked figures before even getting a full time employment. In a way, this is me trying to make up for lost time ^^ Elis was one of the latest of the purchases I made from there and I’m quite satisfied that she came in at 4.5k yen for a rank A figure.

Love the clean layout of the box and it looks premium as well. My only concern is that the material itself doesn’t seem to be water resistant lol.

Elis (or Eris) is a character from Asobi ni Ikuyo. The anime showed many moons ago so I don;t know if some of you are familiar with it. Despite that, I’m pretty sure we can agree that her character design is very appealing. Elis is an energetic cat girl and the figure’s pose does a good job expressing that mix of excitement and sexiness with her raised leg and happy face.

To be quite frank, I wouldn’t buy swimsuit figures (unless it’s really good like the Alleyne figure I previously reviewed). I prefer the ones that tease a bit like open buttoned Yshirts, or the one with Kanzaki that exposes some skin from an otherwise seemingly normal outfit.

As I said, the figure’s selling point is how Freeing was able to combine Elis’ cheerful disposition with the intimacy of removing underwear. Her face tells you that she’s kind of happy that she saw you (regardless of what she’s doing) and that’s really how she is in the series.

As you’ve noticed the hair on the side is kinda worn down that it looks like it was glued on or something (I assure you it’s not). It’s a preowned figure so I really cant complain about the QC of the manufacturer in this case. In my opinion it’s pretty negligible though as it’s not as visible as it is in the picture.

Ears could’ve been ‘fluffier’ hahaha but it’s still good.

Aside from the obvious allure of seeing Elis half naked, I find the catbell around her neck to be a very interesting accessory that was included in this figure. In the series, the catbell serves as a device that assists Elis and her companions. Quality wise, the paint could’ve been less dull but it’ll do. As for her assets, well they’re nicely shaped ^^

Yshirts aren’t complete with breast pockets and some buttons on the sleeves. Freeing wasn’t able to paint these or bring out the buttons more, but they did a good job on the folds of the cloth. The cloth falls beautifully on her body and it helps that it’s really half open.

Is that what I think it is? More about it in a few more pictures 😛

Her pantsu’s folds and the way it’s teasingly halfway out really makes the figure even more interesting. I guess they went for white cotton pantsu since her top is white 😛

Nice to see her nails were done too :3

Have to love going right between her thighs and up her legs instead of just sitting there or being erect. Kinda brings Elis’ playful personality out even more.

Also love how her toes are out stretched which really makes this figure seem less static.

That’s where the tail is connected. She’s not connected to her base meaning you have the freedom to display her on top of any surface. The pink sheet base is good enough though.

She’s not castoffable but you can stretch her Yshirt to reveal breasts. I honestly didn’t expect this when I saw it a few years ago until I opened her this week @__@

Aaaaand as usual I will elave you with pictures of her. Since she’s only facing on direction, the amount of shots is very limited. But I tried my hardest to be imaginative here :3

Tried to go for silhouettes since this figure would look good in it

Hope you like this review. Now all I’m waiting for is my much anticipated Asama Tomo figure from Kotobukiya which should be arriving next week. Expect a long review for that. I’m already glad Iwas able to post content that has less than 50 pictures this time around ^^

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