Kanzaki Kaori

Glad that I get to review this gorgeous Kaori Kanzaki figure for this week (and I’m glad I kept the images to less than 30 this time lol).

Managed to track her down through Amiami preowned figures. Been wanting to have this figure ever since it came out last year, but I had to skip her. Luckily I was able to find her in the bargain bin section for half the price and in good shape too.

Truthfully, I was supposed to review Tharja (Sallya) for this week but one of her props broke. I don’t want to touch Tharja for a while until the damage gets repaired (along with the trauma lol). This figure is somewhat light that strong winds can literally knock her down =P. Somewhat thankful that the only thing broken here is a table leg and not the fig itself.

To be quite frank, I was a tad bit disappointed with the figure because I was expecting a lot more in terms of quality. What saved this figure for me was the willingness of Penguin Parade to diverge from the usual art style of Kiyotaka Haimaru (the novel’s illustrator) or even from JC Staff’s version. The nice body helped too, kinda funny that she’s a saint according to the series 😀

One of the biggest draws to this figure is the more mature vibe of Kanzaki’s face, which goes along with the overall pose of the figure itself. Personally I just wish the front bangs were less clumpy looking.

Despite the weird inconsistency of the volume of the hair, I still find it charming ^^

Mixed feelings here, mostly on the positive because of the nice anatomy here. Personally, I feel like the wet shirt could’ve been done better, such as the shirt actually clinging more to the body. Despite that, I love the folds on heir shirt that were done quite well.

I don’t it’s seen here very well, but there are folds behind her too.

Kanzaki and her sword Nanasen. Nothing really ornate here, but you cant have a Kanzaki figure without her sword now can you?

Kanzaki and her asymmetrical pants. To be honest, I find the quality here to be lacking. They could’ve made the surface a bit rough to make it look more like jeans. Other than that, i love some of the folds and the minute detail on the torn portion of the jeans.

The belt/sword holder looks good too even if the paint doesnt seem to resemble leather. Still good nonetheless.

Well, at least it’s better than having a base where the color has nothing to do with the figure.

From here on, I’ll leave you guys with pics of the Kanzaki Kaori.

Shooting from this angle in my opinion is this figures most picturesque shot.

Not a bad buy I have to say as both a figure and a figure from the Amiami bargain bin. I feel like I’ve been promoting Amiami preowned figures a lot lately among my friends, but trust me the finds there are good.

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  1. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    I always liked the overall appearance of Kaori and also of this figure.
    Her flustered expression is lovely they know what male collectors like.
    There should be more such flustered figures from popular anime shows ^^

    Actually she looks not bad at all, ok in terms of craftsmanship she appears a few years behind other manufacturers, but the sculpture is nicely done and makes her a very charming figure.
    https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3880/14398166971_c32782429b_b.jpg is a really nice picture

    Its really bad that Tharja is so unstable,no pegs and no magnets support her.
    Im glad mine did not crash from a higher place.


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